Win-Win Marketing & Networking

Win-Win Networking

If It’s A Win-Win It’s #SPN!

Win-Win is a basic concept, so a lot of people are really starting to get it. In this blog, we will cover win-win marketing and win-win networking. This material can change your life, so take it seriously and please feel free to contact us with questions.

The #SPNgroup on LinkedIn is how the Service Professionals Network #SPN project got its start. Mike O’Connor began the #SPN project, so he could help promote good causes and people. That mission is the same today.

The only real rule in the #SPN project is the Golden Rule. The #SPN project has three social media groups that all offer their own advantages. For example, the Google+ community is great due to the #SEO value plus ones from other SPN members gives your website and images.


Join the Service Professionals Network (#SPN) social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+.

These groups are full of small to large business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world. Shopping our Amazon links help SPN help others.

Win Win Marketing

A lot of people are starting to see the power of win-win marketing. The power is obvious due to the rapid growth of companies that use win-win marketing. Companies like Motor City Spindle Repair, FYI and charities like the URTFC are growing rapidly through win-win marketing.

There are more companies and charity organizations every day that are using win-win marketing to grow through social media and direct sales. These companies are growing due to their engagement on social media. They work together within their own companies. Their companies also work together to help promote each other through social media. They build tribes of people with common goals. The #SPN project is home to a lot of tribes and a big tribe for all like-minded people.

Motor City Spindle Repair really has it down better than about anyone. Ted Ladzinski has grown his business a lot by getting his team going on social media. Their growth really took off, when they all bought into the Win-Win growth mindset. Everyone in this picture really does have all that experience and they also help their company grow through win-win marketing on social media.

What is Win-Win marketing? How does it work?

Win-Win marketing is not as hard to figure out as it may seem.  There is strength in numbers and people can build much large social media audiences by joining social media groups like those in the #SPNproject.  Join the Service Professionals Network (#SPN) social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+.

Joining the #SPN groups is not enough though. You also have to share content and engage with the content of others. The place where most people fail in social media is the act of reciprocity. It is one thing to share great content, but why should people care?

Sam Hurley with OPTIM-EYEZ is the master of it paying back social media love as you can see through his Twitter feed. The guy didn’t even have a website, but he had a growth mindset, so he became the number one digital marketing expert in the world. Sam was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. all without even having his own site up. He did this by working hard, providing value and also by playing the win-win game. His growth is built on a foundation of kindness and playing well with others.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that he is a big inspiration behind the term win-win marketing.

Grunt Style does Win-Win marketing

Grunt Style and some of their brand ambassadors like Top Rated MMA use win-win marketing to sell their products and services. They also use win-win marketing to help raise money and awareness for good causes. Take this t-shirt drive to help save Rachael Blaze’s life and raise awareness for breast implant illness for example. (shirt drive is over now)

Top Rated MMA even donates 25% of all their profit directly to Hire Heroes USA.

Thank you for helping Save Racheal Blaze’s Life, Grunt Style!

American consumers see the brands that take care of their veterans and support good causes. The more companies work to exceed expectations the better the world will be. People are tired of helping big companies that don’t give back to the people that buy their products and use their services. It’s not all about the quality t-shirts or even the bacon or beer guarantee. It’s the way that they go to bat for the little guy and drop a rope down to help people rise. That is why the Service Professionals Network is proud to support these companies and social media personalities.

No one should care why you are helping people. The point is that you’re helping people when a lot of companies and people, in general, are looking out for number one only. It is refreshing and endearing to see brands both large and small doing what they can to help people.  Paying it forward and manners are making a come back, because of companies that practice win-win marketing.

These brands know it is more about helping people than it is just helping the bottom line.

Win-Win networking

People want to know the difference between win-win marketing and win-win networking, so here we go. When you are marketing a good cause or a company that is promoting a good cause you’re practicing win-win marketing. There is an immediate mutual benefit between two or more parties in win-win marketing.

With win-win networking, the reward isn’t immediately financial or necessarily relating to business. Win-Win networking happens when two or more parties began a relationship that isn’t based immediately off the bottom line.

When you’re engaging on a social media post that doesn’t directly lead to improving your business, then you’re networking. You are also helping your contact with their marketing. You’re helping them win in a lot of ways. When that person comes back and engages on your social media posts, then they are helping you win.

With Win-Win networking different parties are engaging at the same events or on the same social media posts. That doesn’t mean they share a mutual interest other than helping each other through networking.

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If you want to learn more about win-win marketing and win-win networking opportunities with #SPN, then please contact us directly.

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