Unf*ck Yourself By Gary John Bishop – #SPNreview

Unfu*k Yourself #SPNreview

Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life Hardcover – August 1, 2017

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Jake Meltons review:

As a frequent self-help reader and author, the books I enjoy the most are those that tell it to me as it is. I am reading with the intention to improve myself and change, so when I find a book that meets all of my personal preferences, I keep it on my shelf.

I don’t enjoy books that sugar coat ideas or concepts and try to paint the world as a place filled with unicorns and fairies.

Unf*ck Yourself Cuts The Crap!

Unf*ck Yourself,” written by Gary John Bishop, is a book that will remain given a permanent place on my bookshelf because of its direct, powerful impact on overcoming your own negative thoughts and behaviors and getting out of your own head and into the world.

“If you’re easily offended, stop reading now and re-gift this to someone in your life that you think might benefit from it,” says Bishop in the introduction of his book. If you want a book that lifts you into the clouds, surrounding you with lollipops and rainbows, this ain’t your book!

Bishop lays out methods and concepts for you to apply to your life to step out of the norm, get away from what the world considers normal, and live your life in a way that you want to live. He teaches that you are your actions, not your thoughts. It doesn’t matter what you think, so long as you do.

He explains ways to overcome our thoughts, change our reality, and accept ourselves for who we are. He teaches us that we can step out into reality and change it, rather than stay inside our heads and hope for change.

Again, if you’re looking for direct, bold ways for you to improve your life and get out and start living, or you need a kick in the butt, you need to get a copy today.” 

Unf*ck Yourself Toward Self Improvement!

I mostly read books like “Unf*ck Yourself”. They peak my interest because I like to learn how to improve myself. I also like these types of books because I can pick them up at random times and only read a page or two and get an immense amount of valuable information which I can apply immediately.

And let’s face it, the title alone is AMAZING! It cried out to be on shelf!

Most self-improvement books want to help you discover your inner drive and tell you how to get things done, however Gary John Bishop offers a completely different approach.He doesn’t care if you’re always in the right mood or mindset to get your life in order or complete your goals. He simply tells you to JUST DO IT like #NIKE!

Chapter 2 had a great quote:  “Life won’t stop for your pauses and procrastination’s; it won’t stop for your confusion and fear; it will continue right along without you.”  Life will go on if you decide to do something or not.  You must decide what you are willing to do and not willing to do. If you want to procrastinate you will get the result of that – failure and disappointments.  Most people live their lives with constant negative self talk. We tell ourselves we are not good enough. These thoughts and talk pause our life and causes us to not move forward.

This paragraph also resonated with me:

Only when you are unwilling to continue just simply existing feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled will you make the effort necessary to make a change. Only when you are unwilling to put up with the BS any longer will you grab your shovel This book will help you grab your shovel too!start digging. At times there is no greater motivation to change than the unwillingness to do this any longer.

You must reach the point or hit your lowest low before you pick up your shovel. When that happens, and you get your ass in gear, amazing things start to happen. It’s only when you finally give yourself the permission that you are worth it, and no one will stand in your way will you see positive changes happen in your life!  I grabbed my shovel and started digging!

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Unf*ck Yourself To Your Next Win-Win

There are many parts in this book that strike home for me. I’ve felt trapped on a hamster wheel of doubt before, so the hard truth within this book woke me up. Since I began reading this book many things in my life have began to change due to it’s lessons.

Mr. Bishop really laid out a blue print for me to follow, so I took it and ran. Now, my network and audience is growing like never before, so I highly recommend this book. I have spent a lot time taking therapy and learning how to cope with life’s crap. This book helps me cut the crap in a lot of ways. There is a lot of #HowTo information in this book, so you need to apply it.

I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made for me personally. I keep the book as a guide that I skim daily, so I maintain a focus. A few lines here and there out of the book actually help. It’s hard to nail down the best parts due to “power of purpose”, “ugh” and like every other chapter.

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