Thor’s Hammer Meat Tenderizer

Ever felt like you could really use the Power of Thor to pound your meat? Thor’s Hammer Meat Tenderizer is the solution that you have been looking for! The handle is loosely stylized to resemble the one on Thor’s hammer and it also has the famous inscription: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess, the power of Thor.”

Using Thor’s hammer to pound your steaks and chicken breasts during your whole 30 or Paleo diet will help you have some extra fun. Get this doubled-sided mallet to whack the chewy bonds out your meat. You can use Thor’s hammer meat tenderizer on all kinds of meat like steak, pork, chicken, or other poultry. You can also use Thor’s hammer for chopped nuts and spices too. Pounding your meat will be so much more fun with this meat tenderizer. You may also get a body like Chris Hemsworth if you exercise too. Check out the fitness gift guide too.

This cool stuff is why I’m broke and more products you may like too

Thor’s Hammer Meat Tenderizer – on Amazon
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Thor’s Hammer Meat Tenderizer

Thor’s Hammer Meat Tenderizer – on Amazon
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