The SPN social media groups on LinkedIn & Facebook led to this networking site you see today. You can join the SPN groups on both LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also now register an account on this site now too!

The SPN social media groups are on all the major social networks, so SPN can help you grow quickly. SPN can also help you learn how to build win-win relationships with C-level professionals around the world. The more people that join the SPN social media groups and add the value the better everyone in SPN will benefit.

The core values of the SPN social media groups are the Golden rule and paying it forward. SPN was built to help people that are trying to make the world a better place. That is also the reason behind our efforts to work help the URTFC raise money for nonprofits.

Join the SPN social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+

These groups are full of small to large business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Join the Service Professionals Network group on LinkedIn

The original SPN social media group was the #SPN The Service Professionals Network LinkedIn Group, so it the biggest. There are also some serious networking, business and media superstars in this group.

There is perhaps no better way to engage with the best of the best on LinkedIn. Some of the biggest social media influencer and business professionals in the world are in this #SPN social media group.

It is also a great place to share your LinkedIn content to get additional views to your profile while growing your audience.

The people that can best show you how to use LinkedIn are in this social media group, so engage them.

Join the SPN group on LinkedIn so you build your professional network with C-level executives and social media influencers. You can also share your social media and business related content like you can in other digital marketing groups.

Why you should join the SPN Facebook group

The SPN Facebook group is valuable due to the way it helps people build their Facebook network. LinkedIn professionals that also like to ply their craft on Facebook are in the SPN Facebook group too.

Our SPN group is a great way to:

  1. grow your Facebook audience.
  2. communicate with social media influencers.
  3. share your content, news and nonprofit work.
  4. meet business leaders and change makers.
  5. learn about new things in the tech and digital marketing industries.

The list can also go on for quite awhile.

SPN is social media networking

Why you should join the #SPN community on Google Plus

  1. The is no better backlink for your website, social media page or YouTube channel than a Google Plus Backlink with a plus one or two.
  2. You can post your blog, website, FYI smartlist, and social media links freely.
  3. Google Plus likes help you index faster on Google so you get more traffic from Google.
  4. It only takes a second to paste a link in the SPN Google Plus Community, so it provides the best long-term ROI.
  5. It opens you up to a whole new audience.

Again, this list of benefits can go on for quite a while, but these 5 points should be reason enough.

Join The SPN social media groups

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