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Learn about how to advertise and build your brand with SPN through effective social media and search engine marketing. Get consultation for online advertising you are currently doing or want to do. Work more closely with the SPN digital marketing team to improve your online ROI.

We offer sponsor blogs for $100.00 per month. These blogs get more traffic due to strategic placement and more visibility both on and off the site.

The blog service is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime.

We will write 500 words plus on your brand and target keyword terms that help produce results.

As the social network side of the site grows, so will the value behind our sponsor blogs. Prices will not change for existing customers, so get it now while prices are just $100.00/month.

Every time you make a payment we spend money on marketing your sponsor blog, so both of our brands grow. Contact Us for more details.

We offer permanent blogs on the SPN site for just $100.00

The blog is permanent but can be taken down should you go out of business, make a request, or fail to maintain a positive standing with SPN.

We will write 500 words plus on your brand and target keyword terms that help produce results. You can submit links, images, and also YouTube videos for your blogs.

Our site gets a fair amount of traffic and the backlinks that we provide will be helpful for your SEO results.

Contact us for more details anytime.

SPN was the first to build over 5,000 FYI.to sites as the new digital marketing tool. Therefore, we have thousands of powerful usernames that we use to share for social media marketing.   We offer an inexpensive $5 Fiverr gigs to get your company, brand product or service on the first page of Google.  Browse our Fiverr offerings to help grow and develop your business online.

Advertise with SPN

SPN offers a social media and search engine marketing service for $250.00 per month. The $250.00 covers 2 hourly monthly consultations with your team. Mike O’Connor will give you hands-on attention every month to help you improve your website, search engine, and social media marketing. Your company will also get a blog in our sponsor blog section. This will help you get more views and build your network. Your blog will also have an advantage of the $99/months sponsors as it will also show up in the sidebars of every page as part of that rotation. We can edit your blog as you make changes to your business plan at no additional cost. This is a month-to-month service with no long-term commitment. Contact us anytime directly with questions or concerns about service.

SPN SEO service in more detail

We specialize in WordPress SEO and maintenance. We do not provide custom code or website design. SPN is an advertising company that helps business owners get a better return on investment (ROI) on their marketing budget. Keeping your site running smoothly while building your off-site SEO is part of what we do. We do not set up e-commerce websites, but we can help maintain and drive traffic to them.

The $250 a month service that we provide helps build your web and keep your WordPress site up-to-date. We do not pay for plugins or software to maintain your site, but we will make suggestions on what you should be using for best results depending on your theme and website set-up. Our team can make updates on your WordPress site and do minor edits at no additional charge as it’s part of the monthly service. We will not write a bunch of free content or redesign your website.

No changes aside from updates are made to anyone’s site without expressed written permission. SPN reserves the right to end a business relationship at any time for any reason, which part of the reason why we provide a month-to-month service. We only work with companies that follow the Golden Rule in all aspects of their business. SPN refuses to help promote businesses or people that do not practice the Golden Rule.

We check all customers sites on a weekly basis. Every monthly payment leads to additional backlinks and maintenance. We will also write blogs for long-term clients to further help build their business and a win-win relationship.

*Any customer of SPN must agree to handle all potential disputes in Du Page County, IL respectively.

SPN Amazon Shop

Shopping through the SPN Amazon affiliate links helps us raise money, so we can provide this free social media site. It also helps us raise money for good causes through our nonprofit fundraising campaign.

We will donate over 50% of our profits from the SPN Amazon shop to charity.

Check out our SPN cool stuff gift guides

The cool stuff gift guides help SPN help our social media members, sponsors, and nonprofit fundraising team. They all get more views due to the internet traffic our cool stuff gift guides provide. The money we make through them also helps us provide the FREE social media help that we do.

You can do all your regular shopping through your Amazon app like you normally do. Just leave your shopping cart full so you can use our links before you pay for your purchase. That is a great way to help build a win-win with SPN.

Shop on Amazon and help #SPN

SPN group members provide many different products and services. We share the best online deals for everything from professionals services to retail items to travel. Want us to do an Amazon product review? Contact us and let us know about your product or service anytime.

SPN is Built On Open Networking and Social Media!

Mike O’Connor and everyone in the SPN project are open networkers, which means that we welcome connections on any social media platform you find us on. We follow back and engage with likes, comments and shares. Join us and grow.

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