#live20: Experiencing a Focused Life: Book Review

#live20: Experiencing a Focused Life by Luke Williams

In #Live20: Experiencing a Focused Life, Luke gives a lot of great tips to help people structure their time.  It took me a while to get through the book because I am not a person that likes structure or routine. However, I did get through the book and have to admit that I took away a few things from it that give me value today.

I’m a person that lives on the manic side of the bipolar spectrum to some degree. Needless to say, structure and rules have always been an obstacle for me.  This book does drive home some points about focus any business owner should listen to.

I practice mindfulness in a lot of ways, but I’ve also always had an issue with time management and prioritization. Anyone that reads this book should be able to get some actionable advice out of it depending on their mindset.

Check out the book’s reviews on Amazon.

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Book Reviews

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  4. Run A Contest: People love winning especially, if there is a FREE prize, so run a contest with your book being the prize. Caption this photo or suggest something about the cover contests are always fun ways to promote a book.

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Social Selling

SPN reviews the book Social Selling: techniques to influence BUYERS and CHANGEMAKERS

Social Selling by Tim Hughes (Author), Matt Reynolds (Author)
It didn’t take long before the authors got into the meat and potatoes behind their introduction to social selling. They also make great points right away that I was not expecting to be in the book.  The very first chapter of the book talks about the difference between a network and a community. Many people really need to buy this book just so they can read the first chapter alone.

The information on how and why an online community is a place to be for any salesperson selling either B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer). Having a large network is great, but a large community is also way better. It is important to build solid relationships within your network due to the power changemakers have in the buying process.

Now, more than ever people outside the C-level are impacting buying decisions for the largest corporations in the world. Therefore, this book’s blueprint on how you to approach changemakers through proper social media marketing is priceless.

Building your online community

One of the great things about this book is it shows you how to go about building your online community. The information on what a social community manager (SCM) does is also gold advice. Many people think to have a platform of a thousand followers or more means you’re due to have success. Success does not follow just because you have some followers. You also need to get your followers to care while working on still building your audience. This book really nails down a good blueprint of how to engage on social media in a productive manner.

LinkedIn and Twitter

This book is over two years old, so I didn’t expect all the LinkedIn and Twitter tips to be up-to-date. However, I was able to also grab a ton of great info out of this book for both LinkedIn and Twitter.  The book gives the reader great ideas on how to know your target markets. It also gives you advice on how to listen, engage and interact with your target audience via LinkedIn and Twitter.

Selling On LinkedIn

Most people no idea how to go about selling on LinkedIn even though most have heard it is possible. I am pretty good at selling things on LinkedIn, but I also was able to learn a ton from this book. I made quite a few changes to my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles due to what I learned reading this book.


Research advice

One of the big take aways from this book is the research advice it provides. I was expecting info on how to sell on LinkedIn and Twitter due to the social media profiles of the authors. It was great to also get a lot of research advice as well. The book provides info on what plugins to use while researching social media prospects. There is just a lot of great stuff that will teach you how to sell things both online and off.

In closing, I look forward to reading the next book by the #ChangeMakers, which is coming up soon.

Smarketing: How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Blended Sales and Marketing 1st Edition: Pre-order this book because it will be released on October 28, 2018.

Marketing Partner For Monat

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime.

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How To Be A Cash Flow Pro

How to Be a Cash Flow Pro: A Mr. Biz Guide to Crushing Business Owner Insomnia by Ken “Mr. Biz” Wentworth

Buy The Book:

Ken “Mr. Biz” Wentworth is a Cash Flow Specialist who developed his expertise during 20+ years in financial leadership positions at a Fortune 15 company and most recently as a CFO/Business Advisor for small businesses. He enjoys spending time and traveling with his family. You can learn more about his recent activity through his LinkedIn profile.
*disclaimer, I have known Ken for some time through social media and I was sent a free copy of his book for the purpose of this review. I am also really bad at managing my cash flow, so it’s been a big help.

Most businesses that fail do so due to bad cash flow management. “How to Be a Cash Flow Pro” provides a blueprint with proven techniques to help you sleep better at night. Learning some of the strategies in this book will help you avoid a lot of money pitfalls that many small business owners fall in. Some of these amazing techniques include:

* How to make credit cards work for you to create a huge advantage
* What is THE most important information to include on an invoice?
* How to effectively control your expenses without hurting your business
* Simple tweaks to make to your collection process to get money flowing in the door
* Two tips to reduce payroll’s cash flow pressure
Bottom line – if improving your company’s cash flow is a goal of yours, this book is for you!

Mike’s Take on: How To Be A Cash Flow Pro

Personally, I did enjoy the book and there were many things that I took away from it. Ken provides great information for people in the construction and remodeling business right off the bat, so it was a big hook. His advice on how to go about charging for and collecting on services rendered is top notch. His no BS approach is one that I really appreciate, because it does stress the importance of the subject. Many business owners  with local home service companies really fail with the cash flow side of things.

Ken teaches how important it is to have your customers sign off on every step of the work while also steps stressing what steps to take. With nearly two thirds of most businesses having cash flow problems due to late payments this book makes a lot of sense.

This book also gives real world practical advice on everything from credit card processing to invoicing changes.

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About Mike O’Connor

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime, so you can develop a win-win relationship.

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Unf*ck Yourself By Gary John Bishop – #SPNreview

Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life Hardcover – August 1, 2017

Buy the Unf*ck yourself book here.

SPN Book Reviews

Jake Meltons review:

As a frequent self-help reader and author, the books I enjoy the most are those that tell it to me as it is. I am reading with the intention to improve myself and change, so when I find a book that meets all of my personal preferences, I keep it on my shelf.

I don’t enjoy books that sugar coat ideas or concepts and try to paint the world as a place filled with unicorns and fairies.

Unf*ck Yourself Cuts The Crap!

Unf*ck Yourself,” written by Gary John Bishop, is a book that will remain given a permanent place on my bookshelf because of its direct, powerful impact on overcoming your own negative thoughts and behaviors and getting out of your own head and into the world.

“If you’re easily offended, stop reading now and re-gift this to someone in your life that you think might benefit from it,” says Bishop in the introduction of his book. If you want a book that lifts you into the clouds, surrounding you with lollipops and rainbows, this ain’t your book!

Bishop lays out methods and concepts for you to apply to your life to step out of the norm, get away from what the world considers normal, and live your life in a way that you want to live. He teaches that you are your actions, not your thoughts. It doesn’t matter what you think, so long as you do.

He explains ways to overcome our thoughts, change our reality, and accept ourselves for who we are. He teaches us that we can step out into reality and change it, rather than stay inside our heads and hope for change.

Again, if you’re looking for direct, bold ways for you to improve your life and get out and start living, or you need a kick in the butt, you need to get a copy today.” 

Unf*ck Yourself Toward Self Improvement!

I mostly read books like “Unf*ck Yourself”. They peak my interest because I like to learn how to improve myself. I also like these types of books because I can pick them up at random times and only read a page or two and get an immense amount of valuable information which I can apply immediately.

And let’s face it, the title alone is AMAZING! It cried out to be on shelf!

Most self-improvement books want to help you discover your inner drive and tell you how to get things done, however Gary John Bishop offers a completely different approach.He doesn’t care if you’re always in the right mood or mindset to get your life in order or complete your goals. He simply tells you to JUST DO IT like #NIKE!

Chapter 2 had a great quote:  “Life won’t stop for your pauses and procrastination’s; it won’t stop for your confusion and fear; it will continue right along without you.”  Life will go on if you decide to do something or not.  You must decide what you are willing to do and not willing to do. If you want to procrastinate you will get the result of that – failure and disappointments.  Most people live their lives with constant negative self talk. We tell ourselves we are not good enough. These thoughts and talk pause our life and causes us to not move forward.

This paragraph also resonated with me:

Only when you are unwilling to continue just simply existing feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled will you make the effort necessary to make a change. Only when you are unwilling to put up with the BS any longer will you grab your shovel This book will help you grab your shovel too!start digging. At times there is no greater motivation to change than the unwillingness to do this any longer.

You must reach the point or hit your lowest low before you pick up your shovel. When that happens, and you get your ass in gear, amazing things start to happen. It’s only when you finally give yourself the permission that you are worth it, and no one will stand in your way will you see positive changes happen in your life!  I grabbed my shovel and started digging!

Laura is the Marketing Director for Cottage Corporation a Custom Plastics Fabricator in Saint Paul, MN as well as a Mompreneur, Connector of People & Resources Ambassador of LunchIn™ and #SPN #WINWIN Marketing Partner. Living and working in Milwaukee she is an active contributor on LinkedIn and invites you to connect.

Unf*ck Yourself To Your Next Win-Win

There are many parts in this book that strike home for me. I’ve felt trapped on a hamster wheel of doubt before, so the hard truth within this book woke me up. Since I began reading this book many things in my life have began to change due to it’s lessons.

Mr. Bishop really laid out a blue print for me to follow, so I took it and ran. Now, my network and audience is growing like never before, so I highly recommend this book. I have spent a lot time taking therapy and learning how to cope with life’s crap. This book helps me cut the crap in a lot of ways. There is a lot of #HowTo information in this book, so you need to apply it.

I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made for me personally. I keep the book as a guide that I skim daily, so I maintain a focus. A few lines here and there out of the book actually help. It’s hard to nail down the best parts due to “power of purpose”, “ugh” and like every other chapter.

Marketing Partner For MonatAbout Mike O’Connor

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime.

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Mike O’Connor‘s book review on BREAKTHROUGH by Doyle Buehler.

Buy The Book:

I always take things with a grain of salt. That is especially true, when it comes to social media and digital marketing gurus. There are so many fakes out there it can really make anyone a skeptic.

I did not have high hopes, when I heard about the podcast by this guy known as the “Digital CEO”.  Someone told me about a great podcast on social media marketing. That happens every day due to my social media activity. Usually it’s a self-proclaimed experts spouting off about some nonsense that I tend to disagree with.

The person telling me about the podcast brought up Tim Hughes being on there talking about social selling. Tim Hughes knows more about social selling than anyone, so you have to check that out.


Breaking Digital On iTunes: BREAKTHROUGH Review

Breaking Digital is one of the best podcast for digital marketing, so hope is strong again. The tip to listen to the Breaking Digital Podcast with Doyle Buehler was one of the best I got last year.

Turns out that Doyle is a very interesting person. He was a military pilot and an engineer that went onto also be very successful in the business world. Doyle is the real deal, which why so many digital marketing influencers line up for his podcasts. I also suggest following Doyle on Twitter and connecting with him on LinkedIn, so you can start growing your network.


This book will not insure that you have success with your digital marketing efforts. It will however give you a great blueprint on what to do to give yourself the best chance at success. You still have to do the work and have a little luck. It will give you the tools to BREAKTHROUGH the barriers and become a success story.

Buy The Book:

The problem that I tend to have with books on how to be a better online marketer is all the fluff. You also have to decide what makes sense and what does not. It is very clear from the first few words of the book that the author is onto something.

It’s not over the top or too hard to read. The information in it though is very good. Any novice to internet marketing can read this book and get a great idea of what to do. You will also learn quite a bit about branding reading this book.

Doyle Buehler is an international speaker, marketing strategists and digital business leader. He has a strong history of success, but his greatest triumph has been in teaching others. The ability to take hard subject matter and make it easier to understand is a gift.

Digital Marketing 101

Most people are aware at this point that they build their business or personal brand online. What they don’t know is where to start. There is also a lot of bad advice and false gurus out there selling their funnels, books and services.

The best thing about this book is there is no fluff and the value is well worth the price. One of the things that make success with working from home online is the clutter and BS. Like I said there are a lot of fakes out there in the social media marketing world. Everyone that has a small following on LinkedIn or Twitter is suddenly calling themselves a guru.  They are also charging outrageous amounts of money to pander their recycled advice.

Therefore, it’s refreshing to see a person that really has made a lot of money for himself and a lot of people working for him publish a cheap book. The price tag is great, but the value is even better due to the solid advice the book gives.

This book shares a ton of solid branding, digital strategy and business advice. It will also help you refocus your goals and energy into positive results. It’s a great resource for anyone that is trying to figure out the basics to working from home. It is also a great resource for professional digital marketers looking to expand their knowledge base. I highly suggest taking the time to read this book for many reasons.

BREAKTHROUGH would be the text book in any viable digital marketing 101 course, if I had my way. Pick up a copy today and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks and have a great day!

Warmest Regards,

Mike O’Connor #SPN

Please remember Sharing Is Caring and share this blog with your friends.

Buy The Book:


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All 50 Marvel Movies Rankings

The Service Professionals Network ranks all 50 Marvel Movies from worse to first. See if you agree with the all 50 Marvel Movies SPN Rankings. Please feel free to also share your thoughts on the Marvel Movies and their ranks in the comments.

Marvel Movies Rankings

These Marvel Movie Rankings are opinions of some people in the Service Professionals Network, so consider the source. We are big Marvel fans, so we are argue over the comics and movies. Please feel free to join to share your opinions in the SPN social media groups on  LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

46-50 Marvel Movie Rankings

50. “Howard the Duck”

Howard the Duck was a bad Marvel movie in the 80’s and it has grown cheesier since. It was also surprising to see him make an appearance in Guardians.

49. “Fantastic Four” (2015)

This movie has some really cool special affects, but they also destroy the story behind the Fantastic Four again.  Dr. Doom is a character with a great back story, so who knows what they were thinking here. It’s worth watching due to the special affects.

48. “The Punisher” (1989)

Dolph Lundgren always looks like a raging killer, so that is cool, but it’s not really the Punisher. Frank Castle was a family man that had enough, so they need an actor that deliver that. We can’t blame anyone that puts this Marvel movie at 50.47. “Elektra”

Jennifer Garner was pretty hot in 2005, so there was a lot of buzz about this movie. This movie is worth watching due to a few of the fight scenes and the bad guys. Don’t get your hopes about the plot.

46. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

Andrew Garfield is a good actor, so hopes were high two would be better than the first one. Jamie Fox was horrible as Electro and the special affects were also cheesy. There was some very cool shots of Spider-Man doing some cool stuff though, so it’s OK.

41-45 Marvel Movie Rankings

45. “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”

The Silver Surfer has been awesome since 1966, so fans were dying to see this movie. The Fantastic Four is one of the best-selling comics of all times. The comic characters and stories are great. This movie is a disappointment to fans due to character changes.

44. “The Punisher” (2004)

Thomas Jane was the best Punisher by far up to that point in time, so it was a step in the right direction. John Travolta is either really good or really bad in these types of roles, so hopes were high. This is one of his worse roles and performances, so this movie had no chance. Being set in Tampa also didn’t make sense for the Character at all. There were some great fight scenes, so it’s worth watching on a slow night.

43. “Hulk”

There were some good to this movie, so it’s definitely worth watching for the affects. Ang Lee did a great job for showing some of the Hulk’s ability. The acting was bland, so it wasn’t a hit like it could have been. Hulk does smash though.

42. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

Wolverine is one of the best-selling and most popular comic book characters of all time, so hopes were high for this move. Fans were also jumping to see Deadpool on the big screen. Don’t get us going on what they did there.

The movie did have some good parts like the story between Wolverine and Sabretooth. The story of Wolverine as a kid was also pretty cool, but this one could use a redo.

41. “Fantastic Four” (2005)

Fans were super excited to see this movie due to the popularity of the Fantastic Four comic books. The special affects holds up nicely and the film isn’t that bad, if you’re not a hardcore comic book fan. They change the story up a lot, but it’s a fun movie to watch.

36-40 Marvel Movie Rankings

40.  “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”

Nicholas Cage was even more over the top in the sequel to Ghost Rider. The character is awesome and the story is also pretty good, but this franchise needs a reboot.

39. “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Andrew Garfield does a really good as the amazing Spider-Man They change up Spider-Man’s backstory, so the movie has some plot holes and don’t align with the comics. The story makes no sense, but there are also some really amazing scenes. The movie is very watchable due to the fight and action scenes.

38. “Punisher: War Zone”

This Punisher is by the best version yet, but it also has it’s problems. Dominic West as Jigsaw and Doug Hutchinson as “Looney Bin” Jim were too over the top with their acting. This move is worth watching for anyone that likes violence due to rampant death. Ray Stevenson does a great job as Frank Castle and looks the part, so we hope he revives the role.

37. “Daredevil”

Ben Affleck really doesn’t get enough credit for this film, because he is pretty good in it. The film is also a lot better than box-office numbers will suggest. This film does have some holes due to being a comic movie, but it’s enjoyable.
36. “X-Men: The Last Stand”

Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman and also Ian McKellen all came back for this trilogy. This movie has some cheesy parts and the special affects are dated, but this film is also bad ass. There are some really awesome scenes and the story is great.

31-35 Marvel Movie Rankings

35. “X-Men”

This movie gets a little extra love due it being the first movie in the MCU. It does seem like every scene happens in a hallway in this movie and the affects are also b grade. Marvel was just getting back into movies here, so the budget was low. The story is good and there are also some great fight scenes. It’s a fun flick even with all it’s shortcomings.

34. “The Incredible Hulk”

Edward Norton is a great actor and he also put his heart and soul into this role. Mark Ruffalo just owns the character though. This movie is fun and has a great ending scene.

33. “X2: X-Men United”

Nightcrawler was awesome in this movie and the special affects also hold up very well. The battle between Wolverine and Deathstrike is also really awesome.  You definitely need to see X-Men first due to the way this one picks up on the story.

32. “Spider-Man 3”

This movie is has some really amazing fight scenes. Spider-Man takes on Sandman, the New Goblin and also Venom. Topher Grace as Venom was a poor choice and James Franco also has had better performances.

31. Ghost Rider”

Nicholas Cage is pretty good in this despite being a little old for the character. The story is great and the scenes of the Ghost Rider on his Harley are awesome.

26-30 Marvel Movie Rankings

30.“Blade: Trinity”

Wesley Snipes returns for the third installment of Blade, so fans know what to expect here. The movie has some B-grade acting, but it is also a lot of fun. Ryan Reynolds plays a character spits out one liners like Dead Pool, but he isn’t as cool.

29. “Blade 2”

Guillermo del Toro took over the directing duties for this one and it shows due to fun, gory and comic book feeling. This movie is great for anyone that loves vampire movies and dark humor.

28. “Iron Man 2”

Iron Man is always cool, so that makes the movie fun to watch. There were pretty big holes in the plot and bad guys also were lacking. It’s very fun to watch due to War Machine and Iron Man blowing things up.

27. “Thor: The Dark World”

This movie is a good and a fun way to spend a few hours, but it also was a bit of a let down. This movie came out after the first Avengers, so expectations were really high on this one. The story makes more sense, if you watch all the MCU movies up to Infinity War. The action is awesome and so is the chemistry with Loki and Thor.

26. “Blade”

Blade is the first black comic book superhero to get his own movie due to being really bad ass. This is a B-grade movie that also a great story and fun action. The budget to make this film was not huge by today’s standards, so it is surprising. This movie holds up well due to being ahead of it’s time.

21-25 Marvel Movie Rankings

25. “The Wolverine”

Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine despite also being a great actor in so many other roles. This movie takes Wolverine fans to one of his best story lines. The special affects and plot could be better in some spots, but this is a fun movie.

24. “Spider-Man” 

This Spider-Man kicks off a lot of love for the MCU due to how well it did. William Dafoe as the Goblin as highlight and Toby Maguire also nails his role as Spider-Man. The action scenes are still really good.

23. “X-Men: Apocalypse”

This movie was a step back for the franchise due to cramming too much into it. They could have broke this story up into a two part movie and made it make more sense. The character development is lacking, but the special affects make up for a lot of it. Archangel fans will be sad with how they did that character. Very watchable and entertaining movie though.

22. “Big Hero 6”

Disney and Marvel team up to bring this kid’s superhero story to the big screen. We are also glad that they did, because it’s a fun movie that is great for the whole family.

21. “Iron Man 3”

This Iron Movie is one that causes a lot of debate among Marvel fans. Some people absolutely and would also call it the best Iron Man film. Some people think it’s the worse of the Iron Man movies for a variety of reasons. It’s definitely worth watching and a lot of fun for action movie fans of all ages.

16-20 Marvel Movie Rankings

20. “X-Men: First Class”

This is a great movie due to the character development of the original X-Men and special affects. The cast in this movie is also top notch with a lot of actors and actresses giving inspired performances.

19.  “Thor”

This is not the most exciting movie in the MCU due to it’s slower pace, but the story is awesome. It’s a great intro to a lot of amazing characters and develops Thor’s character for later movies. This movie has one of the best stories in the MCU and the end is awesome.

18. “X-Men: Days of Future Past”

This X-Men is one that covers a lot of history and dives into a lot great storylines. It has a powerful cast, great story and awesome affects, so it’s well worth watching.

17. “Captain America: The First Avenger”

Captain America is an icon and this movie will live on for a long time. This movie also happens to make a great World War II movie. The First Avenger does a great job of telling the backstory to Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

16. “Iron Man”

This movie brought Robert Downey Jr. back to the big screen and he made it magical. This movie being the success it was made the MCU work. They got it right with this one and kept the formula going.

11-15 Marvel Movie Rankings

15.  “Spider-Man 2”

Toby Maguire is great in this movie and they also did a perfect job capturing the character. Dr. Octopus was awesome in this movie and the story works timelessly.

14. “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

The second Avengers was a little disappointing due to things it didn’t do the way comic fans would appreciate. It also didn’t really develop the Infinity War story much at all. The character development is great and so are the fight scenes. James Spader makes for an awesome Ultron, so hopefully he will reprise the role.

13. “Guardians of the Galaxy”

The Guardians of the Galaxy opens a whole new part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so has it all. This movie also has one of the best soundtracks of all time. The whole family will be dancing on the edge of the seat from start to finish.

12. “Ant-Man”

Paul Rudd was a surprise selection to play a superhero due to his comedy background. This movie though was as much as comedy as it is a superhero movie and Michael Pena is also fantastic!

11.   “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

Tom Holland is a great choice for Spider-Man due to how he makes the character come to life. Michael Keaton as the Vulture is also one the best villains in comic book movie history. This is a great super hero movie that is fun for the whole family.

6-10 Marvel Movie Rankings

10. “Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2”

The Guardians deliver another great flick here due to the fast pace and awesome special affects! There is a lot going on in this movie, so you will miss a few things the first time watching it.

9. “Doctor Strange”

Doctor Strange was a lesser known Marvel character, so a lot of fans didn’t know what to expect. The movie was amazing, so every MCU fans knows who he is now.

8. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Robert Redford as a bad guy is a great way to get the older generation into this film. Anthony and Joe Russo make their debut as Marvel directors in this film and they did amazing.

7. “Captain America: Civil War”

The action and emotional pull in this movie is hard to beat for any super hero movie due to the cast. This one pulls on the heart strings more than most action movies and makes you feel for both sides.

6. “Thor: Ragnarok”

This movie shows so many sides to our favorite God of thunder. The movie starts off badass and picks up speed once Hela shows up. All hell breaks loose in this one.

1-5 Marvel Movie Rankings

5.  “The Avengers”
It hard to believe that it has already been over five years since this movie came out. This movie gets a little extra love on this list due it being the first movie with all the main MCU characters to date. The Avengers is an awesome movie, but you also need to know a lot of the backstory going into it.

4. “Deadpool”

Deadpool shows that it is possible to have a superhero movie that is rated R and still dominate the box office. This film for better or worse has become a game changer. Deadpool breaks everything including the 4th wall in one of the best Marvel Movies.

3. “Logan”

Hugh Jackman plays an older Logan the Wolverine in this stand alone film by James Mangold. The story and acting in this movie are excellent for any movie especially a comic book one.

2.  “Avengers: Infinity War”

This movie doesn’t make a ton of sense without watching all the previous MCU movies. However, it’s entertaining from start to finish and it leaves people in awe of the bad guy. Many people felt the emotional punches in this movie.

1. “Black Panther”

The Black Panther is a fantastic movie that broke down a lot of barriers in Hollywood and beyond. Disney let writer and director Ryan Coogler make a bold political statement with this movie. It also made a ton of money too. This movie got a whole new crowd of people to become Marvel movie fans due to the story it tells. Michael B. Jordan plays the bad guy and turns in the best acting ever in any superhero movie.

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