Next Level Theory Teaches Functional Fitness For Any Age

Next Level Theory- Range of motion

Next Level Theory is built to help people of all shapes, sizes and ages to develop functional fitness. Doing the Next Level Theory online workouts will help also help you improve your range of motion. Learn martial arts and self-defense from the comfort of your own home.

How you move and take care of your body determines a lot about how you will enjoy your life. We all age and we can’t stop the clock, but we can take care of ourselves.

The thing that I really like about these online course personally is the fact I hate going to the gym. I enjoy working out at home in a small area sometimes.  The video library is huge and they offer the first month for $1.00.

Who is behind Next Level Theory?

Erik Hendrickson is a life-long fitness freak and martial artists. He is also a give by nature. The guy does a ton of things for a ton of people. Go look at his LinkedIn endorsements and testimonials. I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of LinkedIn accounts, but I’ve never seen any get close to the level of positive feedback this guy has. He is truly next level.

Watch this video to learn about how Next Level Theory helps people develop functional fitness and range of motion while also giving them the option to learn a little about martial arts and self defenses from a master trainer.

Functional fitness

Next Level Theory does teach some martial arts and self-defense, but the focus is on helping people improve their functional fitness.

These online videos are great, because they’re cheap, easy-to-follow and teach serious techniques. You will be able to learn how to improve your range of motion and build strength safely.

There is no catch and you can also cancel anytime. The $1.00 first month trial makes deciding on trying the course an easy decision. The videos add value by teaching awesome things in a fun way. It’s a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel in a couple clicks.

You will improve your functional fitness with this online video course. Next Level Theory also donates a lot of their profits to good causes.

Online Fitness Training
Improve your functional fitness and feel better. Get self-defense and martial arts training at no extra cost.

Range of motion

Improve your range of motion by taking the Next Level Theory challenge! You will be able to learn how to properly stretch and build muscle safely from your living room. You can also play the video anywhere you have an internet connection.

self-defense and functional fitness training.
Improve your range of motion and functional fitness by using the Next Level Theory. You can also learn some martial arts.


This video library does have some self-defense training videos that the whole family can enjoy together. The best part is the first month is just $1.00, so you can try it without much risk or hassle.

Erik teaches some great stuff anyone can learn that will make a difference should you find yourself in a bad situation. Knowing what to do is so important to survival.

Being able to train in the comfort of your home, office or man cave gives you freedom to learn in peace. This online training video library is a great gift idea for men, women and kids of all ages.

Martial arts self-defense training videos
The whole family can get fit and learn a little martial arts self-defense together at home for $20.00 a month. $1.00-first month

Erik really likes to help people and good causes. He is open networker, so send him a friend invite anytime. His support on social media is great, so make sure to follow him too.

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