LinkedIn Networking Tips: What’s In It For Me?

Join the Service Professionals Network (#SPN) social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+. These groups are full of small to large business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world. Learn how to submit content like the SPN contributor that wrote this article on LinkedIn networking.

LinkedIn Networking

Are you part of the “What’s In It For Me” On LinkedIn Networking Crowd?

I got on LinkedIn in early 2009.  My career has always been face-to-face sales, so internet marketing was not my forte. Up until a few weeks ago, I was hovering around 1,500 connections. I was doing what most people do and going to Google. I did a lot of searching for LinkedIn networking tips.

All I could seem to find was basic information that really gave everyone the same generic results. It was very frustrating and a complete waste of time in a lot of ways. People were constantly offering me their LinkedIn training or life coaching. My desire to learn more about how to use LinkedIn networking began to wane, so I quit looking into it.

It was starting to seem like the “what’s in it for me” crowd was beginning to take over. The feeling I was getting was everyone wants things from me, but no one really wants to just help. Getting a straight answer and solid advice was a chore.

The SPN Project Can Help You Grow

I came across a video on LinkedIn one day that was different. The person in the video was breaking all the rules and was so passionate. The words Win-Win and the Golden Rule kept coming up. I felt like I was watching a comedy show. It was too funny to be someone telling people how to sell on LinkedIn. I was laughing out loud, but I was also learning how to think differently.

The person was Mike O’Connor with #SPN.  In the video, he also dropped a rope for me to climb. “If you’re smart, you’ll call me” was a bold statement he made, so I made the call. We spoke for over two hours and I got real value from it.

Mike was different than other people that I had spoken with from LinkedIn due to his approach. He began asking questions right off the bat and I didn’t really know he was digging for info. After a few minutes, he began to ask about why I didn’t have a bigger network. I was using LinkedIn to sell and doing well with it, but it was a lot of work. It was a lot of cold calling and prospecting.

I work for California Surveying & Drafting Supply Inc. I’m a local account manager, so I didn’t see the value in having a large LinkedIn network. We are in a niche sales market in California, so I wasn’t thinking about the big picture. The more first degree connections you have on LinkedIn the more likely you are to have access to local customers in any niche market. Simply put the bigger your LinkedIn network the better, if you’re trying to sell things. The bigger the network of your first-degree connections the easier it is to sell things on LinkedIn.

How To Get Over 30k Followers On LinkedIn

Mike wrote a LinkedIn article on “How to get over 30k followers on LinkedIn“, so I read that. It was then that I had my ah-ha moment and began to think differently.  I got a lot of tips on the call and the content Mike puts out really helped me get it. Focusing on the growth of my LinkedIn network became a priority. The SPN project is unlike other open networking groups on LinkedIn due to the focus on building real life relationships. Hence, the push to pick up the phone and make a call to get to know your connections.

It was with this new way of thinking that I really began to make LinkedIn networking really work for me. My networking took off right away and began making some really awesome connections. I also began getting a lot of calls from people in California or in need of my services. Mike began referring people to me. He was actually telling people about Ira Bowman with CSDS. That was not something I was really expecting.

It was on the call where I was saying thank you that I got it was just business as usual for him. This is what he means by Win-Win marketing and networking. He took the time to learn about how he could help me and began to help right away. His only concern was that I was to pay it for forward by dropping the rope for the next person.

LinkedIn Networking Made Easy With Project Help You Grow

The Service Professionals Network was so good to me that I was hoping to contribute more to the group. Mike actually told me to start my own #SPN group, so I could focus on helping people like me. His focus is on helping people in #SPN grow through his charity marketing and contributor projects. The idea behind the #ProjectHelpYouGrow group on LinkedIn is to help SPN continue to help LinkedIn beginners.

We work together to make it easier for people to learn how to make money and find jobs through LinkedIn networking. I am currently over 6k first degree connections with over 2k of them in the California area. Making the call to learn how to market on LinkedIn better was the best decision I made in a long time.

I take lessons that I got from Mike and apply them to my every day life. SPN teaches people how to communicate in business, online and in person. People pay big money for higher education and the type of training courses that SPN gives out for FREE.

Network With C-Level Executives And World Leaders

The best part about SPN is you really do get to network with c-level executives and world leaders. SPN has millions of people in it due to the massive network that Mike has built. Joining the Service Professionals Network groups on every platform really opens a lot of doors people don’t pay attention to. It’s all in who you know, who knows you and how they feel about you. Mike is known as #TheClownOfLinkedIn.

The truth is he is more like the ring leader of the circus due to the way he connects so many people. Mike works tirelessly to raise money for charity while also helping nearly everyone that reaches out to him. He helps everyone from the people with the smallest of networks to the largest of corporations equally. Knowing Mike and connecting with the SPN social media groups really does change lives.

The Service Professionals Network is project that can help you grow. SPN is a networking project that helps better connect millions of people with C-level executives and world leaders. It is also growing daily on multiple social media platforms.

SPN Contributor: Ira Bowman

Ira is a proud member of SPN, the founder of #projecthelpyougrow and a 20 year business to business sales professional.  As an Account Manager for Californa Surveying & Drafting Supply, Inc (CSDS) and a happily married man with eight children, Ira never lacks for things to do, but writing is one of his passions and helping people is always a top priority.

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Win-Win Marketing & Networking

If It’s A Win-Win It’s #SPN!

Win-Win is a basic concept, so a lot of people are really starting to get it. In this blog, we will cover win-win marketing and win-win networking. This material can change your life, so take it seriously and please feel free to contact us with questions.

The #SPNgroup on LinkedIn is how the Service Professionals Network #SPN project got its start. Mike O’Connor began the #SPN project, so he could help promote good causes and people. That mission is the same today.

The only real rule in the #SPN project is the Golden Rule. The #SPN project has three social media groups that all offer their own advantages. For example, the Google+ community is great due to the #SEO value plus ones from other SPN members gives your website and images.


Join the Service Professionals Network (#SPN) social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+.

These groups are full of small to large business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world. Shopping our Amazon links help SPN help others.

Win Win Marketing

A lot of people are starting to see the power of win-win marketing. The power is obvious due to the rapid growth of companies that use win-win marketing. Companies like Motor City Spindle Repair, FYI and charities like the URTFC are growing rapidly through win-win marketing.

There are more companies and charity organizations every day that are using win-win marketing to grow through social media and direct sales. These companies are growing due to their engagement on social media. They work together within their own companies. Their companies also work together to help promote each other through social media. They build tribes of people with common goals. The #SPN project is home to a lot of tribes and a big tribe for all like-minded people.

Motor City Spindle Repair really has it down better than about anyone. Ted Ladzinski has grown his business a lot by getting his team going on social media. Their growth really took off, when they all bought into the Win-Win growth mindset. Everyone in this picture really does have all that experience and they also help their company grow through win-win marketing on social media.

What is Win-Win marketing? How does it work?

Win-Win marketing is not as hard to figure out as it may seem.  There is strength in numbers and people can build much large social media audiences by joining social media groups like those in the #SPNproject.  Join the Service Professionals Network (#SPN) social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+.

Joining the #SPN groups is not enough though. You also have to share content and engage with the content of others. The place where most people fail in social media is the act of reciprocity. It is one thing to share great content, but why should people care?

Sam Hurley with OPTIM-EYEZ is the master of it paying back social media love as you can see through his Twitter feed. The guy didn’t even have a website, but he had a growth mindset, so he became the number one digital marketing expert in the world. Sam was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. all without even having his own site up. He did this by working hard, providing value and also by playing the win-win game. His growth is built on a foundation of kindness and playing well with others.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that he is a big inspiration behind the term win-win marketing.

Grunt Style does Win-Win marketing

Grunt Style and some of their brand ambassadors like Top Rated MMA use win-win marketing to sell their products and services. They also use win-win marketing to help raise money and awareness for good causes. Take this t-shirt drive to help save Rachael Blaze’s life and raise awareness for breast implant illness for example. (shirt drive is over now)

Top Rated MMA even donates 25% of all their profit directly to Hire Heroes USA.

Thank you for helping Save Racheal Blaze’s Life, Grunt Style!

American consumers see the brands that take care of their veterans and support good causes. The more companies work to exceed expectations the better the world will be. People are tired of helping big companies that don’t give back to the people that buy their products and use their services. It’s not all about the quality t-shirts or even the bacon or beer guarantee. It’s the way that they go to bat for the little guy and drop a rope down to help people rise. That is why the Service Professionals Network is proud to support these companies and social media personalities.

No one should care why you are helping people. The point is that you’re helping people when a lot of companies and people, in general, are looking out for number one only. It is refreshing and endearing to see brands both large and small doing what they can to help people.  Paying it forward and manners are making a come back, because of companies that practice win-win marketing.

These brands know it is more about helping people than it is just helping the bottom line.

Win-Win networking

People want to know the difference between win-win marketing and win-win networking, so here we go. When you are marketing a good cause or a company that is promoting a good cause you’re practicing win-win marketing. There is an immediate mutual benefit between two or more parties in win-win marketing.

With win-win networking, the reward isn’t immediately financial or necessarily relating to business. Win-Win networking happens when two or more parties began a relationship that isn’t based immediately off the bottom line.

When you’re engaging on a social media post that doesn’t directly lead to improving your business, then you’re networking. You are also helping your contact with their marketing. You’re helping them win in a lot of ways. When that person comes back and engages on your social media posts, then they are helping you win.

With Win-Win networking different parties are engaging at the same events or on the same social media posts. That doesn’t mean they share a mutual interest other than helping each other through networking.

Please feel free to help support #SPN by shopping on Amazon here.

If you want to learn more about win-win marketing and win-win networking opportunities with #SPN, then please contact us directly.

SPN is a proud marketing partner of Monat. We can help anyone looking to get started selling the #1 hair care products & work-from-home opportunity.

Additional digital marketing tips:

Sharing Is Caring

15 minute explanation on how to make money with

What Is The SPN Project? History & Goals Of The SPN Project

How SPN And FYI Help Build Brands And Raise Awareness For Charities

How To Make Money Kicking Ass On Social Media

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What Is The SPN Project?

A lot of people have been asking “What is the SPN project?”, so I’ll try to share as much of the history & goals of the SPN project here as possible. My goal is to do it without making you want to stab yourself in the eye with a fork.

Make sure to check the “Social Media & Open Networking Tips” at the bottom.

One of my first SEO clients was my brother’s Chicago water restoration company.  His site is doing great on Google, but a competitor is also doing really well on key terms. In fact, their LinkedIn company page was beating us in a few spots.

Investigating the water restoration company page takes me to the profile of their CMO. His title and summary refer to things like Open Networking, ONA and LION.

I’ve been an network marketer outside of LinkedIn for years, so I got curious enough to do a little research.

LION on LinkedIn stands for Leading International Open Networker. ONA stands for Open Networking Alliance. There are also several LION groups on LinkedIn, so people give the term a lot of different definitions.

Basically, declaring yourself a LION means you promise not to mark someone IDK or SPAM.  However, it doesn’t mean you have to connect with everyone that sends a LinkedIn invite.

His summary shows that he gets a lot of views on LinkedIn, so I went onto check his recent activity. He is active in groups and promotes his company page a lot. I basically spent two weeks just researching different people and techniques to use on LinkedIn.

A lot of what I saw was crap that written by people that really had no clue what they were speaking about. I got tired of reading crap that just made me have more questions, so I decided to look for the open networkers with the most connections.

How To Produce Views On LinkedIn Networking

I found an open networker, Paul Lemmens, with over 50k 1st level connections, when I first started networking on LinkedIn. (There no 30k 1st degree connection limit at the time.)

Paul was running his “CONNECT SUGGESTIONS” project (CSP) at the time and he was also one of my first connections.

Paul was a networking coach that was highlighting his awesome connections on his personal LinkedIn profile. He would highlight a connection by adding them to the project section of his profile and making a social media post about it. He would go on to thank everyone that would comment or share his post, so more  people would comment and share.

The more highlighting and thanking people for sharing content the more views you get. I caught on to this little strategy watching Paul, so I apply it to my social media networking too.

I began to basically like, comment and share everything that Paul would post, so people began to send me invites. Half of my social media time would go to CSP.

I also would spend half my time curating and creating content that I thought was great.

Constantly engaging with others social media marketers on their content makes it no problem with getting views. People tend to return the favor on social media, so engage to get people to engage on your content.

I got over 16k connections on LinkedIn within a few months by using these strategies.

The History Of The SPN Project:

Eventually, Paul ask me to lead a branch of CSP. I wasn’t really into networking just to get LinkedIn famous, so I would turn him down….a lot. Months went by and still Paul ask me to start a branch of CSP, so I would agree on one condition.

My branch of CSP was different, because I refuse to highlight people just for being the most ruthless salesperson. I want to highlight the people that had a positive impact on other people.

The ruthless business people and the media sharks don’t need my help.  I help different charities like CONNECTING with Love though by getting a few more people to look at them. Starting the SPN project makes that even easier.

Over 70 different exceptional people are on my LinkedIn profile  as part of SPN project (under the skills section in the accomplishment tab).  The success of the SPN project leads to the SPN group.

The SPN group was formed not long after Paul retired from social media and disbanded CSP.

The SPN Project Just Keeps Growing

The LinkedIn group and the SPN project in general keep growing, because we help people build their personal brands while also contributing to some of the best charities out there.

I plan on continuing to highlight Global Superstars on my profile, FYI smartlist and many other different ways as I go. It’s important to say thank you and encourage others to keep doing good things.

(I know that this is getting long, so take a break and look at this baby dancing)

Goals Of The SPN Project
URTFC & the SPN project help people build self-worth.
The seeds we plant today grow tomorrow. We can change the future.

The goals grow and become more ambitious as the SPN project grow. I originally had no ambition of turning SPN into a work from home opportunity.

However, the more the other goals and the groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ grew the more it seemed right to start a home based business. I really have always been a much better entrepreneur than an employee anyway.

Now, I don’t want to grow rich running the SPN project, but I want to live comfortably and do my own thing, so I made the decision to donate over 50% of any profit that we make from SPN directly to URTFC.

URTFC has promised to donate over 90% of those funds directly to other charities and people in need as voted on by members of the #SPN project on a quarterly basis.

We plan to make our first donations after the first quarter of 2018. Please join the different SPN groups and make sure to make your charities be known.

How FYI helps Social Media Marketing

I’ll be using my FYI accounts, the SPN groups and other social media channels to drive traffic and raise funds through affiliate programs like Amazon, so using our SPN shopping links anywhere online contributes to different good causes around the globe.

I eventually want to start doing a lot of traveling to actually meet as many of my open networking connections as possible. Pictures and notes will be taken, so we can share the stories with the #SPN project members. The goal here is to meet people and get to know first hand the best ways we can help with local causes.

I don’t want to be on the board of directors or be a founder of my own charity, but I think it’s important to give back and pay-it-forward as much as possible, so my focus will remain the same. Make a living and raise funds for good causes through social media, SEO and open networking.

Anyone that joins the #SPN groups and engages with the other members in a positive way will know that they’re appreciated, because we support our #SocialMediaBuddies.

5 Awesome Social Media & Open Networking Tips

  1. Pick Your Battles: Make sure to avoid flare subjects like Race, Religion and Politics. There are a ton of great causes and people that you can help without tanking your brand. You also want to avoid negativity and drama, so ignore what you can and address only what your conscious demands. My buddy, Sam wrote a great article on this: How To Destroy Your Brand Reputation In 9 Easy Steps.
  2. Engage With The Right People: Personally, I like to engage with inspiring people and people that are rocking social media. I don’t care what big company calls you an influencer, because the real influencers pay it forward. Look for the people that will help you and engage with them.
  3. FOCUS: Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew and don’t promise more than you can deliver. The people that really dominate on social media tend to do so due to their ability to focus. Choose one or two social media platforms you like and best fit their goals. Consistent effort make a big difference in the results you can expect. However, you have to make sure you focus on engagement, trends and the message you’re sending out to the world.
  4. Keep It 100%: You hate phonies, right? So does everyone else. Look, if you want to be a social media rock star you need to realize some people are going to hate you no matter what. It is better to be hated or LOVED for who you actually are. Everyone has an audience, so find yours.
  5. Learn From Mistakes: I research before I dive into social media to limit my mistakes, but I still make them everyday. I also don’t fear making mistakes, because every mistake is a chance to learn.
  Bonus Social Media And Digital Marketing Tips In This Video:

Thanks for reading and feel free to contact us anytime.

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How SPN Helps

This blog is an attempt to explain how SPN and FYI help build brands and raise awareness for charities.

The SPN project is an open networking group on LinkedIn that is also growing on other social media platforms. Therefore, it makes sense to form a social media marketing company that donates to charities like URTFC.

All you have to do to get help from the URTFC and #SPN marketing team is join the SPN social media groups and engage.  Join the #SPN social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+ to introduce your nonprofit.

SPN is different from other social groups due to open networking and focus on charity.

SPN proudly helps support several charitable causes through social media marketing, fundraisers and many other ways. We take pride in helping awesome charities like the Arclight Foundation, which is taking on the sex slave industry.

The SPN social media marketing company allows for us to work from home and also do more for charity. SPN donates over 50% of our social media marketing profits to

U R The Future Charity (URTFC) donates about 90% of all their funds to other charities and people in need the world over.

URTFC understands the need for people to have strong self-worth, so they can be positive influences on the world around them.

The seeds that we plant today will be crops that feed the world tomorrow. Therefore, URTFC has a simple mission to help all the gardeners (everyone) of the world tend their gardens (local communities).

Join the SPN project to help raise awareness and funds for causes that affect your local garden. We are here to help because we are all in this together and we rise by lifting others.

There are a lot of Global Superstars in the #SPN project, so we will highlight them in our FYI accounts.

All SPN members from any of our online groups are more than welcome to suggest difference makers to highlight.  Follow this FYI smartlist about the Global Superstars, so you can connect to these world changers.

Here is an FYI on the best charities SPN members support.

One of the ways that SPN plans on making money through FYI is through affiliate advertising. Almost every product and service that is for sale has an advertiser offering affiliate programs to online entrepreneurs looking to work from home.

The online entrepreneurs help advertisers make money by driving traffic through affiliate links. The advertisers are more than willing to pay commissions usually anywhere from 2-10% of the profit, or even a flat fee per converted sale.

We use Amazon primarily for our affiliate programs. Amazon has a great affiliate program and it’s also one of the biggest sites in the world for a reason.

How can I use my affiliate links with FYI?

The beautiful part about using to make money working from home is that it is free. It is also really simple to set up and use.  You can start your home based business really easily by claiming good usernames on You do need an email address available for each username that you want to claim.

Once you have a couple good FYI accounts you can begin creating smartlist to advertise whatever you want. Creating smartlists is also easy because you just need a cover image and the ability to write a title and description.

A good username is important because it helps with how your smartlist performs in the search engines. The challenge with making money through affiliate advertisement is finding cost-effective and ethical ways to generate traffic. is a new digital marketing tool that also helps people make money online through affiliate advertising working from home. will dominate the search engines as more people use it and share their smartlist around the globe. Anyone looking to start a home-based business, so they can make money working from home should watch these videos.

First Explanation Video About How To Use


All you have to do to get help from the URTFC and #SPN marketing team is join the SPN social media groups and engage.  Join the #SPN social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+ to introduce your nonprofit.

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