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  • Happy, happy Monday lovelies! It’s 10.30 am in Melbourne and it promises to be a beautiful spring day. So, while sometimes I do just sit and ferment, today I am full of Spring fever. May your week be full of success, abundance and laughter! 😘 😍 😊 😉
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  • Hello my lovelies!
    With Christmas just around the corner, it\’s time to be thinking about the gifts we will give our loved ones. Here at Yours, Lotus, we have a beautiful range of gift ideas for those looking for something a little different such as Chakra art or wall paintings. Maybe candles are the gift of choice for the avid candle lover, we…[Read more]

  • Hey all, Yours, Lotus has recently expanded our range to include Crystals and tumbled stones.
    Who loves all things spiritual and what is your favourite go to crystal and why?

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