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    Raul Sanchez Gilo https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/101-content-ideas-publish-linkedin-ra%C3%BAl-s%C3%A1nchez-gilo/
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    Krisi Miller Let's connect on LinkedIn too: https://www.linkedin.com/in/krisi-miller/
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    Andy Vargo Really a pleasure to included among Shelly's list of people she is grateful for. This is a great list of amazing people to be connected with! https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6586636642172362752/
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    Jeff Bauman Today was a great day! Once again I won the award for the most closed units from a single agent for September in my office at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate - Star Homes.
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    Caleb Kidd Coy Leaving a legacy. Q: What is one of the best ways to NOT leave a proper legacy behind after you are gone? A: Procrastination. Humans, by nature, have a tendency to keep putting things off... until it’s too late. “I’ll take care of it tomorrow.” Or, “we can just do that next year”. Much of the time, people procrastinate because they are not properly educated and/or informed about the knowledge they need to protect their legacy. That is why I do these presentations & seminars... for free. I’m here to serve. I truly care about others. I’m tired of seeing people get taken advantage of, by those who don’t have their best interests at heart. We want people to be EMPOWERED with the knowledge & tools they need to protect their estate & avoid probate. In doing so, they are able to pass on a powerful legacy, leaving their loved ones with positive memories about them. The assets, possessions & heirlooms; the entire estate, is passed on in a simple & painless fashion in FULL to their families & heirs. Take action to protect & secure your legacy TODAY! https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6598944589036482560/?commentUrn=urn%3Ali%3Acomment%3A(activity%3A6598944589036482560%2C6598971345910976513)&replyUrn=urn%3Ali%3Acomment%3A(activity%3A6598944589036482560%2C6598972284717854720) hashtag#metalpreneur hashtag#legacy hashtag#love hashtag#procrastination hashtag#education hashtag#knowledge hashtag#empower hashtag#teach hashtag#estate hashtag#assets hashtag#protection hashtag#passion hashtag#purpose hashtag#livingtrust hashtag#philanthropy hashtag#empathy hashtag#action hashtag#business hashtag#finance hashtag#health hashtag#wealth hashtag
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    Scotty Schindler Enjoy this post about Perfect Practice makes Perfect! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/scottyschindler_captioned-speaking-succeed-activity-6598414658678423552-voIE
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    Shane Wenzel Were celebrating 40 years in business by setting the new standard in home specifications https://www.shanehomes.com/about-us/news-press-and-events/news-press/shane-homes-smart-home-advantage/
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    Sam Hurley *Customer Loyalty* doesn't just happen. 🤔 You need a strategy. 💖 So, how do you master it like a pro? I uncovered the most important steps + bucket loads of tools to try. 🤩 [Including very best LIVE examples to be seen.] 🤩 Keep Your Customers! Use These 3 Engaging Loyalty Boosters ASAP: https://samhurley.link/boost-loyalty 👈 [click here] 👈
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    Hilary Going to be featured in June's issue of Azura Magazine.
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    Burgaflex posted a photo
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    David Lester Are you planning on leasing some commercial property? Make sure to pay attention to these potential hidden costs in a commercial lease. https://lesterandlester.com/hidden-costs-commercial-lease/
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    Alexis Ruddock If life is getting to you just remember this. You can be strong as the flowers 🌺 Like a flower in the desert I had to grow in the cruelest weather, holding on to every drop of rain just to stay alive. But it’s not enough to survive, I want to bloom beneath the blazing sun, and show you all of the colors that live inside of me. I want you to see what I can become. -Christy Ann Martine Let’s grow from our pain and see our strength from within....
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    Nishad Joshi posted a photo
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    Candice Dyer I keep reading testimony after testimony about Plexus helping with anxiety. I love that this company is about our total health; mind and body. ❤️ When anxiety runs high and depression feels deep, it may be an indication of dysbiosis (or an imbalance of the bacteria in your gut). The latest research is finding a direct link between guthealth and mental health. 95% of serotonin is produced in your GI tract (NOT your brain).
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    Matthew Lopez-Kronicz Using chartable to funnel all my podcast hosting sites. Check it out below and the podcast. That would be cool. https://link.chtbl.com/PlKiWUCM
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