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  • I have a problem most people would kill for. DCN INTERNET RADIO has more listeners than programming. We are currently looking for a sports radio/podcast to play on DCN Radio 3 – Talk Radio we can help promote you through the Discover Community Network. Check us out and let me know – thanks😁

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          Prosecutors allege that Mack was a lead recruiter in an all-female sect called DOS, which supplied “slaves” who were encouraged “to engage in sexual activity with Keith Raniere.” An explosive New York Times report from 2017 alleged that these slaves were required to brand themsel…[Read more]

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          Pathway to Profits: A Mr. Biz Guide to Running Your Business Like a Boss!
          What You’ll Learn:
          • How to increase sales without “selling” more
          • How to achieve game-changing results from a budget without being a financial guru
          • Utilizing credit cards to create a huge cash flow advantage•…[Read more]

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        • At the top of the box office, Warner Bros.’s release of New Line’s Shazam! delivered just above expectations with an estimated $53.4 million for a cumulative total that stands at $56.7 million once you add in grosses from the late March, Fandango special event. The film was well received by critics and opening weekend audiences alike, the lat…[Read more]

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          With Marvel’s Endgame Due April 26th I figured I would get the list of the Top Grossing Marvel Movies So Far…Captain Marvel is still going strong so this list will be updated. Also Avatar is still the top movie of all time worldwide with 2.7 billion, my guess is that Endgame will top that.…[Read more]

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          With an estimated $45 million, Disney’s Dumbo topped the weekend box office though fell short of the studio’s $50+ million expectations and well short of what some thought would be a $60+ million debut. While the performance is well ahead of select, recent Disney releases such as Christopher Robin ($24.6m opening), Alice Through the…[Read more]

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          The world’s last Blockbuster Video
          Bend, Oregon
          Following the closure over the weekend of a Blockbuster Video store in Perth, Australia, just one store remains operational on earth. The thriving Bend, Oregon, store uses a floppy disk-based computer system and employees write out membership cards by hand after the dot-matrix p…[Read more]

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          The Top 10 Marvin Gaye Songs
          #4. What’s Going On
          What’s Going On, from 1971, was the first album Gaye produced himself, and it proved to be a stark contrast to his back catalogue, as he unveiled a social conscience. The album’s title track – initially shunned by Gordy, who claimed it was the wor…[Read more]

        • Stevie Ray Vaughan’s well-deserved induction as part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015 gives us a chance to celebrate one of the most dearly missed guitarists of all time. We can’t offer a shiny trophy atop a fancy display case in Cleveland, of course. So, we’ll simply shower praise instead on these Top 10 Stevie Ray Vaughan…[Read more]

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          Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Delivers a Mind-Blowing $70 Million Debut

          Universal’s release of Jordan Peele’s Us dominated the domestic box office, not only out-performing the opening weekends for several recent horror hits, but delivering the second largest opening ever for a live-action, original…[Read more]

        • @spnlocal2017 Hey Mike, thanks for the Youtube comment on my video – here is another backlink for you and SPN via Discover Memphis

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          The Inn on First
          Napa, CA
          Where breakfast is a new adventure each and every morning.

          • Point of thought. ESPN Radio (owned by Disney) gets about 8 billion TLM – Total Listener Minutes per month. The DCN Internet Radio Network does between 9 and 10 million TLM – Total Listener Minutes per month. While we are not in the same class as ESPN our budget is about the cost of dinner at Wendy’s for 4 (If you order off the value menu, no…[Read more]

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              Despite years of preparation through his organization, Emmanuel Moses said, when students get to college they could still “think they’re not good enough” and struggle with microaggressions and cultural disadvantages. “Things like you don’t have a suit, you don’t know what an informational interview is, you can’t afford an unp…[Read more]

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              (Does This Really Surprise Anybody?)
              The massive college admissions scam, thought to be the biggest ever prosecuted in the United States, is a harsh reminder that wealthy families can cheat their way to even greater privilege. And some say this scandal is just the tip of the…[Read more]

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