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    Mike O'Connor This made me giggle a lot.
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    Ben "Storm" Ringgenberg "Flames from the sky" by the Lost Monarchs. It's one of my favorite songs to play and people seem to love to jam with it. @guitarist-for-hire, I, and the rest of the band will be playing it on a tour of California this summer. I can't wait and hope some of you guys can perhaps make one of our shows! @captnamerca..so good to see you on here, Schmidty!
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    Nick Dorsey "Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion" -Simon Sinek
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    Jeff Bauman Today was a great day! Once again I won the award for the most closed units from a single agent for September in my office at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate - Star Homes.
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    Craig Fry A Lapel Pin: Memory Trigger A lapel pin can’t speak or even make a noise; but it can tell quite a story. Best of all, it’s your story, your experience, your emotion. How did I discover this? Well, I knew it all along, but it became more real as I started using LinkedIn. The idea of a daily LinkedIn lapel pin post surfaced in my mind. PinProsPlus makes thousands of different unique pins every year, so why not post a picture of a different lapel pin every day. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then showcasing images of pins should speak volumes about what we do. More importantly, it allowed me to be different, stand out, and promote pins in a non-pushy salesman sort of way. So, each day I looked through my pictures of sample lapel pins and always settled on one that made me think of a story, a thought, or an idea. In other words, the pin resonated with me. I would then post the picture and tell the story. And people responded. How did people respond? They didn’t respond in the way I thought. They responded with emotion and unique stories of their own, which of course were triggered based on the picture of the pin. I realized more so than ever that pins tell good stories or conjure up emotions in people, and that was a powerful insight. A single pin has multiple stories to tell, because each person has different experiences. Over time as I looked through my lapel pin pictures, I realized that the ones I skipped over were ones that had no effect or no story for me personally. So, I didn’t post them. But occasionally, when I had no choice, I would post them and was amazed at the stories they elicited in others. Do You Feel the Power of the Pin? I have always believed my slogan, “I help promote your story with Custom Lapel Pins.”, but that belief was becoming even more real as I was hearing the stories being told by you. I posted a “SKIS” pin and heard: “Me and skis have a love/hate relationship….” “sounds exactly like my experience skiing! Snow plowed….then slow.” Or the “Vienna Sausage” pin. “I hate them. My husband buys them to snack on and I secretly feed them to the dog LOL” “I LOVE Vienna sausages!!! Yummy!!” Or the “Golden Gate Bridge” pin “it was a symbol (to me) that I was where I wanted to work and live” “I know that bridge well” Or the number “9” pin “In numerology, my life path number” “I love the number 9, always had it on my backpack, just seemed to be the right number” Or the black cat sitting on a stack of books pin “Books and 4 legged friends, I couldn’t live without either” “My granny had a black cat always sitting on the books” Those are snippets of stories and emotions that individuals began to remember in their mind. You begin to see the power of the pin. I have examples in my personal life. My wife has 2 pins sitting on the dashboard of her car – “ELF” and “I Love My Husband”? The ELF pin is her initials and how can you not get excited about your own initials and also the fact that she loves the movie “Elf”. And the “I Love My Husband” --- well enough said. Lapel pins really do tell a story; because, they remind us of experiences, events, stories, and memories from our own life. Like a song, a sound, a smell, a location, a pin triggers memories. Memories that come to life just by looking at the lapel pin. How do you use lapel pins in your business? Is it just another promotional give away? Or, is it viewed as a tool to create a memory for a customer about you and your business? Real Life Examples. I’ll finish with two specific examples of customers using lapel pins to create a memory unique to their business. First, is Kimberly Hambrick and her podcast: “Leave the frustration. Take the cannoli”. Kimberly invites guests to participate on her podcast and tell their story. At the end she thanks each guest and presents them with a custom made “Cannoli Pin”. The pin depicts an image of a cannoli with the words “Leave the Frustration. Take the Cannoli”. That pin will always trigger memories of Kimberly and their experience on the podcast. You begin to see how Kimberly has created a memory trigger for her business. Second, is a California company A-C Electric. They have created a tradition of giving a uniquely designed pin for each of their company events such as Christmas parties, Halloween parties and summer picnics. Employees enthusiastically look for the pin at each event and collect them all. You can imagine the positive feelings this generates about the company and the memories and fun times they have with each other. It is a simple offering, but a powerful trigger for positive memories and feelings. The employees love it so much they won’t allow the company to end the tradition. So, do lapel pins tell stories? I say yes, and hope you believe it too. How can we tell your story in a lapel pin? Visit our website: www.pinprosplus.com
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    Paula Goodman Happy Wednesday All You Beautiful People! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paulagoodman1_paulag-opism-paulapoems-activity-6602877279448236032-cIHS
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    Craig Wasilchak "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
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    Aaron Pais Take care of yourself! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/aaronspais_activity-6588993116072665088-Dybq
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    Dallas Wade From our show last night. Please feel free to follow me on #Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/p/B0Yy1Npp7ie/
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    Rachael Gossard ✨ Today is my birthday!! ✨ 🎉 What better way to celebrate than to launch my brand new website!! www.catchingbeautyphoto.com 🎉 For those who’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I’ve been working hard on this, and I’m so excited that it’s finally complete! Please take a moment to check it out, it’s mobile-friendly too!!
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    Katja Geršak Hernandez Happy Thursday to all my #SPN lovely people!!☀️ #PositiveVibes
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    Ira Bowman If you are on #SPN (this platform) I want to connect with you. Need help? Want to chat? Looking to laugh? I'm your guy. Seriously.
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    Sandy Hello from New Zealand, looking forward to making new friends and connections here and on Linkedin.
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    Jonathan Shoff Year End Tax Planning Tips to Maximize Your Savings For 2019 November 09, 2019 Personal Tax Planning Suggestions: Save For Retirement If you don’t have a retirement savings account it’s time to get one started. If you DO have a retirement savings account it’s best to contribute the most money allowed under your plan before the end of the year (or before the end of next tax season). The government allows taxpayers to effectively reduce their tax liability (or increase their tax refund) by saving for retirement every year. The savings limit for a traditional IRA is $6,000 for the 2019 tax year. If your effective tax rate is 15%+ you will reduce your tax liability (or increase your tax refund) by $900+ if you choose to save for retirement. Contribute to an HSA (If Work Provides One...or...Start One Yourself) Health Savings Accounts allow those who qualify to pay for their medical expenses using pre tax dollars. Essentially those who qualify are allowed to take a tax deduction for the amount that they contributed to their HSA account for the year...up to a limit. If you don’t have an HSA through work, and your current health insurance plan has higher than average deductibles you may be able to start an HSA on your own. Maximize Applicable FSA Spending Before The Deadline Flexible spending accounts are employer sponsored plans that allow employees to pay for medical costs or child care with tax free dollars taken out of their salary. Most FSAs have a “use it or lose it” rule. If employees have those types of accounts they must spend it all by the end of the year to get the full tax benefits. Check all the details of your account to make sure you can maximize your tax benefits. Stock Chart Decreasing.png Sell Deadbeat Investments If It Fits Your Situation If you have investments such as stocks that are valued lower than when you first purchased them you may be able to sell these by the end of the year and offset some of your income. If you have capital gain income for the year, meaning you sold some investments at a higher price than when they were first purchased, selling some of your investments at a loss could be a good fit for your situation. The losses that you take in selling these investments can offset your capital gain income. NOTE if you take more capital losses than gains for the year you will only be able to deduct a maximum ceiling amount of $3,000 in net capital losses over capital gains. Plan To Itemize? Pay Those Expenses Before Dec 31st Since the Tax Cuts of Jobs Act of 2018 have been placed into effect, only about 30% of Americans itemize their tax deductions these days. If you are part of that group be sure to make your itemized expenses happen before year end to receive the maximum tax benefits for the year. Examples: Medical expenses Property Taxes Vehicle Taxes Making Your Year End Mortgage Payment On Time Contribute to a College Savings Plan (529) College savings plans are a win-win for all involved.Savings plan contributors and their beneficiaries don't even need to be related. These special accounts allow individuals to help others, or themselves, save for college. They allow contributors to take a tax deduction on their contributions (up to a limit). Also, these types of accounts can hold investments and their growth is tax free saving the beneficiary big money when it comes time to pay for college. Prepay A Family Member’s College Tuition If you can make it happen, you can get a tax credit towards paying for college tuition for yourself, your spouse, or one of your dependents, even if its a prepayment for next semester. There are a couple of tax credits that would be a good fit for this situation, if the person attending college is still in their first four years the tax benefits are slightly higher than if the person is past their four year mark. Business Tax Planning Suggestions Own a Business? Maximize Those Business Deductions Be sure to keep a tight rein on your bookkeeping so all of your expenses are counted accurately and you’re able to take all the deductions you can on the money you spent. Business Mileage tracking is another big tax deduction for business owners. Be sure to keep your business mileage log updated. For 2019 the IRS is allowing business owners to deduct $0.58 a mile for all business travel dirven using your personal vehicle Have an office at home for your business? Prepare documents needed to take the home office deduction. Be sure to gather copies of: past utility bills for the year, home insurance bill, mortgage interest (or rent) paid for the year, and the square footage of your home office in relation to your total home square footage. Consider Changing Your Business Structure Statistics show that over 50% of businesses could benefit from a change in their legal structure. There are a lot of rumors and advice floating around on this issue. I would recommend speaking with me or another tax professional to discuss the costs and benefits of a structure change for your specific business and life situation. I often see many business owners starting an S-Corp believing that is the best path for everyone no matter what...but...that isn’t always the case, and they end of wasting money for years on this type of set up. Consider A Comprehensive Tax Plan (Advanced Strategies) Forming tax plans for my clients are my specialty. I start by thoroughly reviewing each individual’s business and life situation. Then I perform an analysis on 60+ advanced tax strategies and choose those that are the best fit for the client. The client will then receive their very own customized tax plan and I discuss the plan with them in detail. Often times my clients can save an estimated $20,000+ in taxes with a comprehensive tax plan. Have questions about taxes or tax planning? Lets Chat Soon. Schedule A Call: https://www.shoffaccounting.com/schedule
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    Suprabhat Das Schools made from recycled bottles!! https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6514316258295549952 Thank you! 🙏😇💖
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