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  • @crushing-b2b craig you are the best and so helpful I am still fixing my sites like you recommended thank you for sharing all your tips!

  • @spnlocal Mike- love this community you built- LMK when you want to do that zoom- I’ve never done this type of interview before am excited to have real conversation with you and why you built SPN and what your thoughts were from when you started it, to where it is today!

  • @railman haha “smarmy” is slang for “shady” or insincere, fake, sycophantic orrrrr oily, greasy, things that you would describe that you want to eat when you’ve had one too many beers that taste delicious in the moment but regret it afterwards… like fake messages from people who automatically know how to “solve your problems” with their…

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  • Hi glad to connect with everyone! Susan here. I write a lot about being authentic and owning all your quirks.

    I Board: FMA, PMA, am an active member of WIM, SEMA, CTC, SWE, SME I’m a big believer in education being free and accessible .

    I can come off quite loudly- so don’t mind the noise, I’m like a firecracker, you won’t mind…

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  • @vinay tag all you want vinay! theres cool information that I may not know go wild be happy to share anything I find interesting!

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