• Mike O'Connor posted an update 4 weeks ago ·

    I’ve always been a big believer in goals.

    In December 2015, I made a 5-year plan to start a network marketing business that I felt could help add positive thinking to the world while hopefully being able to raise some money for good causes.

    The first few years have been a fun test that really challenged me in more ways than I could ever describe.

    One of my big goals coming up is May 1st. I was hoping to have 2k plus keywords ranking in the top 100 on Google while ranking in the top 10k (traffic wise) of all the websites online.

    May 1st is soon approaching. The Service Professionals Network website is at 300k (traffic wise) and just hit 1,900 keywords in the top 100 as of today thanks to the 260 new results since last week.

    I really don’t know if we will hit the 10k mark by May 1st, but it’s inevitable that we will hit the mark by the next main goal, which is really what the focus has been all along.

    The main goal is to start an SPN scholarship fund called “win.”

    The fund will be for the gifted misfits that for one reason or another didn’t get the support or tools that they need to win.

    See, I was in a class in high school called “Win.” I learned a lot about life in the class due to a teacher that took the time to listen and learn about what really makes me tick.

    I want to pay-it-forward by giving it back.

    Mr. Radtke, thank you!