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    @adroitdroid you’re awesome! Thank you, Matt!

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    I made the decision to go with smaller images, thumbnails and still videos (depending on format and where you upload).

    I did this, because it helps this site function really quickly, which helps with rankings. It will help everyone get more value out of the backlinks and sharing within the search engines.

    So smaller images mean the site ranks…[Read more]

    • Mike, thank you for the mention and this site is really taking shape. I have been a bit detached here, LI, and FB as I have been trying to meet deliverables. That said, I still have tried to stay abreast of your activities. Thank you for being such a mensch. -Bob-

      • You’re here. I understand busy and appreciate you just signing up and filling out the profile more than you know. The rankings are really rebounding already. Everyone on here that is featured is going to be alright! 🙂 Thanks for all the feedback and help, everyone!

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    little creepy guy in the top right corner is there due to my optimizing of images. If you see the little creepy and it bugs you, then you can use a smaller image on your profile picture. 40*40 should work. If I change that the site slows down and won’t be ranking or as beneficial to everyone. I’m back burning this issue for now. Focusing on other…[Read more]

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    I killed the SEO rankings and organic traffic with the recent changes on the backend. I did that to launch the social media side of the site. The site is starting to do what I expected, which is climb. Every form of engagement and new member will make the site grow and climb up the search engines. Therefore, the more you engage and the more you…[Read more]

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    Do you use Google drive and other things like this to generate backlinks for your business? It’s important to put your urls in as many spots as possible. Doing this is one of the ways to improve your SEO results.

    [Read more]

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  • *Update… #HowTo upload to your own gallery….top right…click on little creepy dude. Go down to media. Click what you want and upload. Try not to upload too many videos or long videos please. This is not YouTube…yet. lol

    • This will make it easy for people to find images you really want to share.

      It will also enable you to make a tumblr style cascade ( i hope lol). Should be able to make a pretty unique gallery, if you want. You can also add SEO tags, titles and hyperlinks to your social media page (instagram or whatever) and your websites.

  • *Update….Top Right Corner…working on replacing little creepy dude with profile pictures, still.

    However, I did add message privacy settings, so click the little dude and go down to privacy setting. You’ll see message privacy, so you can set that to friends only. This will prevent people from opening a new account and sending you SPAM…[Read more]

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