• Mike O'Connor posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago ·

    We all have felt the need to defend or explain ourselves to someone else at some point in time.

    Sometimes the people we care about most are the ones that ride us the hardest.

    In my experience, those are the people that hold us back the most.

    You shouldn’t get anxiety from those you’re spending time with. If you are then it’s time to start spending your time with someone else.

    That goes for anyone in your life whether it’s a boss, a loved one, or anyone else.

    Life isn’t a race, but a process. There are plenty of things in the process beyond our control, but we can control what we allow into our lives a lot more than most of us realize.

    Life is too short and precious to spend any time on things that bring you down or cause anxiety.

    The most valuable thing that any of us have on this planet is time. Don’t trade it cheaply.

    Spend your time doing things that make you or those around you better. Don’t allow people to waste your time on negative things or feelings.