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    Did you know how important it is to get as many #YouTube likes and comments within 24hours as possible?

    Did you know that writing 140 characters and sharing your #YouTube video url in as many places drive people from Google (not to mention those links wherever they\’re) to your videos?

    So if you get quick likes, write a good description (put links in there and look at my channel as an example) and share your URL a bunch within 24 hours it will make all the difference in your ROI.

    My videos kinda of suck, but I add value, and do the SEO tricks to generate thousands of views. $5 on Fiverr can help you. I put my urls in FYI.to too.

    Anyone want to discuss this? @5dollarblingenvybyamanda @craigwasilchak @rodrigomartinez @cholzhauser @thefreekid @andyvargo @juanblanco76 @samhurley @samalsrore @amazonrise @irabowm @kennedy657 @katja-gersak @hiramfigueroa @mgugerty @margae @jamienelson @tedladzinski @loladell @mandy007 @jbmelton
    @craig @eriknextlevel @eringraybillellis @sherilally and everyone that I can\’t tag.

    There are a lot of people on here that make videos or share things that need views now. Most of you are really good about working together on LinkedIn too. Take your marketing to the next level by sharing, tagging, and helping each other more. #SPN is going to grow a lot over the next two months. Those that share, like, and comment on each other\’s stuff will grow with #SPN. Those that don\’t do this stuff won\’t grow with us. It\’s that simple.

    There is A LOT of things about to happen over the next two months on the backend that will greatly benefit active members. Thanks for being on the team and have a great day!

          • Katja Geršak Hernandez
            @spnlocal2017 Mike, your video don’t suck. I really like them. You are very spontaneous and always share very useful information.👌
            I need to learn how to use all these tools in the right and efficient way. I’d surely like to discuss it. For example, I created a smartlist on fyi.to, but now I need to check what are the next steps… The same story with many tools. Pinterest is the one I really like. I pinned you half of the site.. haha..
            Thanks for sharing all this info!! Much appreciated!!:)
            • Brad Emery
              I kind of gave up on YouTube because nobody ever watches the videos. I guess I should get myself educated
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