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    Guys, treat this activity feed like a marketing pod and use the golden rule/common sense to dictate your posting.

    If you share your Instagram pictures (url), YouTube videos, Tweets, Blogs, LinkedIn stuff than more SPN members including I will see it, engage on it, and help you win-win. The more we help each other the more we all grow and the quicker it happens.

    It’s FREE to use and post on this site. Just try to use it as intended. Don’t SPAM 80 things in row and being a helper as much as a taker.

    Those that help me grow this site will get something out of it. We are definitely planning the SPN cruise for the original members and we will do contest as we grow so other people earn a trip too.

    This site is here for everyone to have more fun and get more out of their internet time. The only rule is the Golden Rule and no excessive SPAMMING. If you are cool, then we will be cool and we all grow.

    Thanks for your help, patience and understanding. Remember, it’s always best to call or text me.

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    I can’t share things or drive views to things I don’t see. :) Have a great weekend!