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  • seth posted an update in the group Group logo of InvestmentInvestment 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    Hey all,
    – I’m looking for advice on receiving funding I’ve got a solid idea with a lot of support and an entirely new type application, and I am looking for a trustworthy private investor, to finish what has compared to companies that I grew up never thinking I’d be in this position.
    – The company currently exists, and I have been turned down…[Read more]

    • Hey Seth, finding a trustworthy private investor is truly a journey. While you are navigating that path would it make sense to explore a Kickstarter campaign to possibly get the company to “that next step” that always interests private investors more?

      Additionally, does your area host any pitch events (local colleges, universities,…[Read more]

      • Sure, I can send over a contributor NDA and you can take a look! (Since I didn’t expect so much support its long but will be solid to be able to review the material)

        – Right now I am trying to get rid of someone that anchored for ownership % and is in clear violation, so hoping he doesn’t ruin my company, favorably he infringed in multiple…[Read more]

  • seth posted an update 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    Ah, why is it so hard to find honest investors! Too many people scheme it on linkedIn, I hope this grows bigger! Sure I’ll invest, well actually I coach for 5k and bring investors to you. Come on man I turned down pitching this to Microsoft, so not cool…

    • People pull those scams all the time. This site will grow. It just takes time and effort. Really appreciate your support, Seth!

    • People will invest in your project, if you can show them how it will work and give them reason to believe it will make money.

      • Exactly, building a demo version for them to understand and feel it from the user’s perspective to go along with pitch deck!

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