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    Doyle Buehler Here's to 2020... just over 6 months away. Will you be doing bigger, better things? What will you do?
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    Bernie Fussenegger Great career advice from experienced professionals. When I started my career, it was like being thrown into the middle of the ocean without a life jacket. I didn’t know anything (other than what I learned in school), I was new to the marketing world, I had limited resources and it was sink or swim. Over the years, I learned to ask questions, not be afraid to fail, learn from my mistakes and to look to others for leadership and guidance from mentors. It really is hard and intimidating when you are starting your career. As part of my #InTheSpotlight with the #Digital360Chat career interviews over the last six months, I have talked with 20+ professionals about their careers, how they got started, what path they took and then ended the interviews with this final question – Any advice for others just getting started? There is so much wealth in the answers to that last question that is worth its weight in gold. The following are some of those insights that were shared and I wanted to compile those insights to share with you. Read the rest of the article…
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    Clark Finnical Happy Monday SPNers *** I could really use your help *** Pls take a min to click link and subscribe to my Youtube Channel - I'm submitting my book to a publisher - & need to increase my subscriptions
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    Mike Ciccolella posted a photo
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    tsharrell So proud of the work we're doing.
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    Craig Fry A Lapel Pin: Memory Trigger A lapel pin can’t speak or even make a noise; but it can tell quite a story. Best of all, it’s your story, your experience, your emotion. How did I discover this? Well, I knew it all along, but it became more real as I started using LinkedIn. The idea of a daily LinkedIn lapel pin post surfaced in my mind. PinProsPlus makes thousands of different unique pins every year, so why not post a picture of a different lapel pin every day. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then showcasing images of pins should speak volumes about what we do. More importantly, it allowed me to be different, stand out, and promote pins in a non-pushy salesman sort of way. So, each day I looked through my pictures of sample lapel pins and always settled on one that made me think of a story, a thought, or an idea. In other words, the pin resonated with me. I would then post the picture and tell the story. And people responded. How did people respond? They didn’t respond in the way I thought. They responded with emotion and unique stories of their own, which of course were triggered based on the picture of the pin. I realized more so than ever that pins tell good stories or conjure up emotions in people, and that was a powerful insight. A single pin has multiple stories to tell, because each person has different experiences. Over time as I looked through my lapel pin pictures, I realized that the ones I skipped over were ones that had no effect or no story for me personally. So, I didn’t post them. But occasionally, when I had no choice, I would post them and was amazed at the stories they elicited in others. Do You Feel the Power of the Pin? I have always believed my slogan, “I help promote your story with Custom Lapel Pins.”, but that belief was becoming even more real as I was hearing the stories being told by you. I posted a “SKIS” pin and heard: “Me and skis have a love/hate relationship….” “sounds exactly like my experience skiing! Snow plowed….then slow.” Or the “Vienna Sausage” pin. “I hate them. My husband buys them to snack on and I secretly feed them to the dog LOL” “I LOVE Vienna sausages!!! Yummy!!” Or the “Golden Gate Bridge” pin “it was a symbol (to me) that I was where I wanted to work and live” “I know that bridge well” Or the number “9” pin “In numerology, my life path number” “I love the number 9, always had it on my backpack, just seemed to be the right number” Or the black cat sitting on a stack of books pin “Books and 4 legged friends, I couldn’t live without either” “My granny had a black cat always sitting on the books” Those are snippets of stories and emotions that individuals began to remember in their mind. You begin to see the power of the pin. I have examples in my personal life. My wife has 2 pins sitting on the dashboard of her car – “ELF” and “I Love My Husband”? The ELF pin is her initials and how can you not get excited about your own initials and also the fact that she loves the movie “Elf”. And the “I Love My Husband” --- well enough said. Lapel pins really do tell a story; because, they remind us of experiences, events, stories, and memories from our own life. Like a song, a sound, a smell, a location, a pin triggers memories. Memories that come to life just by looking at the lapel pin. How do you use lapel pins in your business? Is it just another promotional give away? Or, is it viewed as a tool to create a memory for a customer about you and your business? Real Life Examples. I’ll finish with two specific examples of customers using lapel pins to create a memory unique to their business. First, is Kimberly Hambrick and her podcast: “Leave the frustration. Take the cannoli”. Kimberly invites guests to participate on her podcast and tell their story. At the end she thanks each guest and presents them with a custom made “Cannoli Pin”. The pin depicts an image of a cannoli with the words “Leave the Frustration. Take the Cannoli”. That pin will always trigger memories of Kimberly and their experience on the podcast. You begin to see how Kimberly has created a memory trigger for her business. Second, is a California company A-C Electric. They have created a tradition of giving a uniquely designed pin for each of their company events such as Christmas parties, Halloween parties and summer picnics. Employees enthusiastically look for the pin at each event and collect them all. You can imagine the positive feelings this generates about the company and the memories and fun times they have with each other. It is a simple offering, but a powerful trigger for positive memories and feelings. The employees love it so much they won’t allow the company to end the tradition. So, do lapel pins tell stories? I say yes, and hope you believe it too. How can we tell your story in a lapel pin? Visit our website:
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    Lori Miller I hate feeling stuck, don't you? Some days it doesn't take much to feel like you're on that freakin' hamster wheel. Your little legs are moving fast and furious, but you're not going anywhere. I can't focus at all when I feel this way. Besides running away to some remote island 🏖️, how do you get unstuck? I keep a set of specific questions in my own stress toolbox to help me slow this wheel down. I pull them out anytime I feel myself spinning. Answering these questions helps me understand: * what I know to be true, * what I already have in my bucket to help me, * and what actions I can take. You can find all these questions in this episode of #MentalHealthMoment🎧. Have a great Monday!
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    Erik Never apologize for being honest..
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    Brigitte Jowanka Bamboo €200_58x42cm_22,83x16,53inch big size.
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    Erin Graybill Ellis, M.A. I got my YouTube Channel set up! So far only 2 videos uploaded but I should be able to get more done soon.
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    David R. Smith Hi All, I am in the North Dallas/North Texas area and am seeking job opportunities. My LinkedIn profile is completely up to date so anyone can see my work history and see all my endorsements. I am looking for a position as an Accounting Manager or Controller or Bookkeeper in a Service Industry company or in the IT arena. My experience spans over 25 years covering several industries and including startups. My luck with the startups has not been as good as I would have liked, so that has something to do with my short tenures at a few places. The perfect company for me, would be a small to medium sized business, that is either a sole proprietor or a partnership but has been around for a while. The enterprise would be looking to move to the next "level" or phase of the company’s life. Having worked for billion-dollar corporation and for small businesses, I bring a unique set of skills that would be essential to helping a business move to that next level. I do have over 120 hours passed towards an accounting degree but due to circumstance beyond my control, I was never able to complete it. So, I have found myself in a position where I am over qualified for a lot of Bookkeeper positions and not qualified for higher level positions because of the lack of a degree. So, the company that I am looking for would need to place value on experience. You would be getting someone with the same experience as a lot of other Controllers or Accounting Managers but wouldn't be paying for the "degree." That's what I am looking for in a nut shell. Any leads, referrals, help, or advice would be welcomed as well!! Thanks!!!
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    Luke Williams My Podcast is now live. Please support by listening, downloading, subscribing, or just providing feedback. Booking guests for May and June episodes, let me know if you're interested.
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    bonniedavid What are 1-Minute Video Ads? Why are they effective on Facebook? You want a Facebook Ad Strategy that is cost effective and draws your ideal patients to your Sphere of Influence. You want to get the most out of your Facebook Advertising: 👉 To ultimately get Your Ideal Patients off Facebook. 👉 To get Your Ideal Patients Come to your Chiropractic Clinic and Pay You a Visit. You want to get your content in front of a Super Targeted Niche that defines Your Patient Persona or Patient Personas. With the $1-a-day or $2-a-day Strategy, 👉 You will be running multiple 1-minute Video Ads at the same time. 👉 Each of your 1-Minute Video Ads will be Running on $1-a-day or $2-a-day of Your Ad Spend. Each of Your Video Ads will Cater to 3 Different Marketing Objectives: 👉 Awareness 👉 Engagement 👉 Conversion You'll Create: 👉 1-Minute Awareness Video Ads 👉 1-Minute Engagement Video Ads 👉 1-Minute Conversion Video Ads You want to make sure you're reaching your potential patients at the different stages of the Buyer's (Patient's) Journey. Do you Create 1-Minute Video Ads? 👇 @spnlocal2017
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    Aaron King February has been a great month, hope the same goes for all if you!
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