• Ron Barksdale wrote on Mike O'Connor's Wall 11 months ago

    Hey Mikie! @spnlocal2017 — any advice (in plain language please!) to get rid of the goofy pic that I still see by my name over to the right? –> I was able to get the pic on my profile correct, but that one –> is still the goofy guy with the hat!

    • Mike O'Connor

      If you click the guy with the hat it will bring down your options. The goofy guy with the hat is your avatar for the backend. If you click edit profile there and go into the backend you should be able to save a new avatar/profile picture. :) He is a creepy little bastard, isn’t he?

      • Ron Barksdale

        I will try that Mike, appreciate you bro! Indeed he IS creepy – he reminds me of that guy from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

        • Mike O'Connor

          One more thing, I need to fix. It worked yesterday. Something I did on the backend disabled it.

          On a side note, I got separated the notification titles n stuff, so notifications are taking people to the right spots now.

        • Mike O'Connor

          I keep giving up on this avatar thing. I fix it and it works for like a second…meh…fixing a lot of other things when i get frustrated with this. lol