Raul Sanchez Gilo

About Me

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▶ Long sales experience, exporting hi-tech products to over 60 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe. Author of sales books.
Team management and coordination skills.
Global vision of business.
Orientation to customer satisfaction and achievement of objectives.
A person with initiative, methodical and dynamic.
Creativity and spirit of continuous improvement.
I am also a seeker of knowledge, self-recognition, cooperation, kindness and positive energy.
Curious, open-minded, persistent and problem-solver.

▶ I also love to share ideas to sell more and better with my posts, articles and sales books.

▶ Author of:
– “Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet” (Vender Más y Mejor, Técnicas de Venta Eternas más allá de Internet)
– “51 Sales Tips, Keys to Sell More and Succeed Selling” (51 Consejos de Ventas, Claves para Vender Más y Triunfar Vendiendo)

▶ 💬 Contenido para ayudarte a Vender más y Mejor
📊 Ingeniero, 🌍 Viajero, 📈 Vendedor
📚 Autor de #LibrosdeVentas
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