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    As a confrontation or evolution of B2B and B2C, a model arises from digital marketing that extends to other levels, the so-called B2Me (Business to Me) and that among other concepts includes:

    – Focus, attention and individual customization to each client/consumer, each one with different and changing desires, motivations, needs, situations and contexts.

    – Each message must be adapted to the buyer persona, connecting and appealing to their emotions.

    – The client expects a personal relationship, wants to be understood and listened, here, now and by any means.

    Somehow I’ve talked about it in my books under the umbrella B2H (Business to Human) But it doesn’t matter what the acronym is…
    It’s about the relational and human component. It’s about me, as an individual person, with values and preferences. The individual defines the brand, the product and the experience.

    It has always been about looking through the eyes of your client at your product and company and understanding what they want and how they want it. No two customers are the same and solutions must be adapted to each one.

    Nothing new under the sun. All roads lead to Rome.