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    Timothy Hughes #TimTalks - What Exactly Do These Terms on LinkedIn Actually Mean? with @alexander_low https://buff.ly/2vRdnvV via @YouTube @dlaignite
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    Mike O'Connor I think this is a good idea. I really do.
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    Erika Warfield Great job on the interviews, Jacob!
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    Charlene Great #leaders have mastered #strategically thinking. That is how they #makeadifference in their world. Wanna know the secrets of the ELITE? Here is a brief read about how they do it. https://www.bulletproofconsulting.ca/2020/02/03/strategic-thinking-your-impact/
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    Paula Goodman Happy Wednesday Precious and Beautiful People‼️ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paulagoodman1_paulag-inspiration-motivation-activity-6635891814526263297-wOur
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    Elena Botezan https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6618923608821514241
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    Damon Pistulka An old friend reminded me of this interview with Gino Arcaro from 2017 last weekend. He said, "You are still saying the same things about growing and selling businesses." I guess if nothing else I am consistent! http://blunttalk.libsyn.com/dominate-the-field-damon-pistulka
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    Kurtis Tompkins So you want to be a game changer? You will NOT have it easy! You must be as relentless as a storm chaser. Run into the heart of the storm despite its severity, experience the powerful lesson that the storm will teach, and claim victory when the sun shines. 🌪🌤 https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ktompkinscfrw_motivation-jobsearch-jobseeking-activity-6635864559343198208-tYnN
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    Charmaine Dillon Do you have an inner monster that peaks its ugly head every now and then? I had a student tell me once, "Let me just rage and get it over with, I'll be fine!" But is it fine? Is it ok to just 'rage' and lash out at other people regardless of the circumstance or consequences and retreat back to normal as if all is well? IN THE SCHOOL My concern with this type of behavior is, left unchecked or unreckoned or uncontrolled, it will only (or stands the risk of) end up manifesting itself or evolving into more. It only grows and feeds off that feeling of release. As a teacher, I would not tolerate a student coming into the classroom to rage or vent their frustration. It crosses a line over which I am not trained and poses a risk to other students' well-being. I see now where some schools are allowing a tantrum room as a place for students to go when they are having a bad day or cannot seem to control their emotions. Students can enter this room, throw things around, hit, punch, destroy, etc until they feel better without the risk of hurting other students or faculty. I'm all for getting in touch with your emotions but I'm going to have to christen this ship with a bottle of 'Obviously, you have lost your mind!' I have several red flags that immediately come to mind: what happens when the student doesn't WANT to use the tantrum room? What if it is YOU he/she decides to 'rage' on because the tantrum room doesn't please his fit-throwing abilities or needs at the time? What if the tantrum room is occupied with other fit throwers? What if a student is severely injured in the tantrum room? What if rage cannot wait until tantrum room becomes available? Albeit 'what if' scenarios, there are far too many MORE risks added on top of the intial risks, making things WAY worse than they need to be. I see FAR too many parents who fail to establish a relationship with their child or children and then want the school system to be accountable for their behavior. Um, no! Start wise discussion and consequences at home and stop being led around by your cute little ones (regardless of age) who have no sense of direction or guidance yet! It's not about control, it's about a relationship!! Love, care and compassion! Therefore, conversation, consequences and positive reinforcement! You cannot wait and expect to implement these tools at 16 when they're out the door and long for a chance to get away from you! IN THE WORKPLACE I know there are some employees or workers that are simply passionate people and love what they do! They are so invested that it is hard to separate the person they are from the job they do. This person is always at work involved in the goings-on and having discussions with different people from different departments and as far as you can tell, he's not THE guy but he's not too far from the guy; and he's passionate! About everything! You can tell it in the roar and volume of his voice, to the way he points his finger at people when he's spirited, right down to the wavy flow of saliva strings that fly from his mouth when he is standing over someone. Alright, it's a little over blown, but you may know this guy too, he's about to rage and throw something! He needs to either be sent to time out for the number of minutes that match his age or it's time for a trip to the tantrum closet. Me? I'm about to grab my $6 latte, slink down under the table and low crawl to the nearest exit to go see if anybody has some chocolate on their desk. This is what I call my welfare check. I get to go give a smile to other people and tell them they look nice or to have a good day. It makes me feel better and certainly boosts my mood. And if I'm ever in 'beast-mode' (very seldom) then the focus on someone else, if even for two minutes, will usually break the tension. We have gotten too accustomed to 'that's how so-and-so is, she'll snap in a heartbeat' or 'avoid this person altogether, she has an attitude problem'. Stop accepting the cliche excuses and refer them to get some help because if everything were "fine" they wouldn't behave so irrationally and all of the other workers would have no need to 'just AVOID' this person. IT'S EVERYWHERE! Children that are not taught and expected to utilize good coping skills turn into adults that cannot control their emotions or cope well in situations that they cannot or do not get to control. Checkout lines, movie theaters, traffic on the freeway... listen rage is not like a Visa card. You do not have to take it everywhere you go. In fact, get rid of it and save yourself some major problems down the road. Discover what rage is for your child. Discover what rage is for you! Deal directly and honestly with those emotions and communicate them in a manner that is acceptable. Then learn how to deal with your rage that stems from anger, fear, lack of control, negativity, stress, etc. Go get help and deal with that. You are not alone! We feel it too from time to time, only we are not at work trying to hack a coworker's head off with a laptop! See the difference?
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    Ira Bowman Just added this new job on #ProjectHelpYouGrow. Looking for work? Find free help on my website. https://projecthelpyougrow.com/job/content-services-sales-coordinator/
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    Chauncy Hello everyone, hope you are having a blessed day/evening. If I do not know you or we have not spoken, let's correct that! Looking forward to meeting you and learning about what you do, so I can refer to you :)
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    Katja Geršak Hernandez Wish this New Year brings for all of you lots of joy, happiness, good health & success!!✨🎉 Have a rocking year!!!😎
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    markweathers Your prospects have at least 1000... So maybe its time to reach them by video. because one in ten* consumers have over thousand unread emails that contain product info, pitches, sales information, sales offerings, etc etc. Maybe you have too. With video you can appeal to the emotional side of your client and hopefully bypass the apathy they have to the sales noise in their inbox. How much sales noise do you have in your email inbox? *stat via Venture Beat
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    Jordan Mendoza Hi Everyone, I just launched a new business podcast called Blaze Your Own Trail. I’d be honored if you gave it a listen. Message me if you are interested in coming on as a guest! Thanks, Jordan
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