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  • Jacob, you’ve done great work adding content. I’ve followed both your accounts and look forward to interacting more. You can find us at @pure_energy_apothecary

    • Jacob Warren

      Thanks Dawn! I’ve been doing a lot of testing with different video types and styles.

      I also made sure to follow you back with both profiles ;-)

  • @spnlocal2017 this is a great idea for a group. I look forward to participating and growing all involved!

  • 🏬 INDEPENDENT RETAILERS, BRICK AND MORTAR STORES are you ready to maximize your 🎄holiday 🕎 sales 🛒? The newest online wholesale marketplace Abound is making it easy. Sign up for free today and receive $100 towards your first purchase – FREE! 😊 Today is the perfect time to stock your store with Pure Energy Apothecary All Natural Body Care +…[Read more]

  • @medicare-insurance-dallas Thank you Dave! I appreciate connecting!

  • Hey Folks! I’m looking for an Amazon specialist. Someone with successful experience populating and marketing products and maybe even FBA. If this is you or someone you know, please reach out [email protected]

    Thank you! Have an awesome day!!!

  • @craig Craig! I have a young professional group that I am on the advisory board for and they are exploring custom label pins. I\’d love to connect with you to discuss (I\’m so glad I remembered someone on SPN made pins and of course @mikeoconnor could send me in the right direction!

  • I remember someone in our group makes custom pins but I can\’t remember who! I have just become an advisor to a non-profit and they need pins so the first thing I thought was SPN! Who shall I reach out to for custom pins?

      • @irabowman Ira, I tagged you on a post on linkedin as I think it\’s a great way for folks to learn about you and there is a nice marketing component too!

      • Following @mikeoconnor and his encouragement of “the share” I thought some may appreciate our most current blog from Pure Energy Apothecary “Turning the Tide”

        I’d love to hear your thoughts and what is important to you!

        Side note: Photo was taken last weekend of Lake Champlain from the Vermont side looking towards New York. To the right…[Read more]

      • Happy Saturday SPN Family! I’m in HUGE need of your help!

        In Vermont our local paper “Seven Days” holds the annual “Daysies” event where favorite businesses are nominated and finalists compete to win the Daysie in their category. My company, Pure Energy Apothecary, is a woman-owned, non-toxic body care company made the finalist list.…[Read more]

        • Mike O'Connor
          Sorry, I missed this. I would have voted. Please tag me next time so I don’t miss. I hope you made it to the next round and congrats on the nomination.
        • @katja-gersak You ARE a superstar dear soul! Doesn\’t matter the platform (but SPN is best) you always have all of our backs and it is so appreciated! Thank you for being you!!! XO
          • @oharehilary Hilary! Thank you for connecting. Can you please share your crowdfunding link?

            Thank you!

            • Hilary
              bfe mart on Shopify, and I am going to be doing a Indiegogo forms soon, still building my store, hopefully I will be done by next week, I have the domain for Brain Fart Enterprises, I had to incorporate, but couldn’t get my LLC’s name. Thanks for asking! How is yours doing?
                • Dawn Lancaster
                  Hilary! It’s been too long. What I learned most about crowdfunding is how willing your network is in supporting you (whether with shares or backing your campaign). If your network isn’t the type to support finding a platform that opens your campaign up to a national network is a must for success. I’m wishing you everything GREAT!
                    • Hilary
                      Thank you so much Dawn for keeping in contact. I know it is a huge project. People don’t realize how much it takes to get a product to market. Yes, I am aware that it has to be a supportive tribe that is interested in my products. Fortunately I did get some good influencers to help. I have a long way to go yet. It seems everything used to be much…

                      [Read more]

              • Dawn Lancaster posted an update in the group Group logo of SPNSPN 1 year ago ·

                Hey SPN Group! I’m thrilled to finally be here. I will update my profile more soon so you know who I am and what I’m about. One thing really important to me is that I’m always willing to offer thoughtful introductions. My LinkedIn is over 5,000 deep and full of folks from all walks of life. Let me know how my network, my company and I can serve…[Read more]

              • #SPN Network! Happy Friday! I hope you are doing GREAT! I’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign because frankly, I got irritated that non-toxic body care isn’t a normal product available to all – where we shop and at a price point we can afford. After watching my mom suffer though cancers, alzheimers and parkinsons I can’t help but think…

                [Read more]

              • Thank you Mike for creating this group. Instagram is truly an area I need to grow my exposure in. Open to all suggestions!


              • @catchingbeauty I was just sending you a request the same time I received yours!!!

                • Rachael Gossard

                  Nice! Great to meet you, Dawn! I’ll follow you back on Instagram and I plan on making a Linkedin account here soon. Everyone seems to think that would be a good idea. :)

              • Dawn Lancaster posted a photo 1 year ago

                I created Pure Energy Apothecary because I feel I have a responsibility to make sure all natural skin care is accessible to all. Our skin is our largest organ – we should know what we are putting on/in our bodies.

                By focusing on plant-based ingredients we can actually read and understand we create the highest quality products that provide…[Read more]

                I created Pure Energy Apothecary because I feel I have a responsibility to make sure all natural ski
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