• Matthew Lopez-Kronicz posted an update 3 months ago

    Expanding upon the story that I begun a few months back.

    As we close in on one year of creating stories and expanding who I am. I wanted to circle back on The Nameless Podcast and discuss how I got to this place currently.

    It all begun around March 2018 when I was on LinkedIn and it has brought me to where I am now, posting everyday, creating videos and making a podcast.

    Who knows where this path will lead me but it is all worth it. The ability to tell my truth and share value go beyond anything that I have done before.

    This life was much about how selfish I could be, even when I met my wife I was still very much only about us. But now I have a drive to give back and be of service to the Universe. The feeling was always there lurking beneath the surface.

    Only now do I allow it to bubble up and this is the process of doing just that.