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  • Meeting for the TEDx Santa Rosa Junior College went great. Have two other passionate people that will help make this happen.

    We have 14 weeks and I am madly dashing to get steps done so that this becomes more clear.

  • First meeting this Sunday!!

    So Sunday I will be meeting with Sebastian to go over the specifics to getting this TEDx SRJC event off the ground.

    There were like 8 people but now it is down to us.

    I don’t really care at this point I am all in and making it all work with my schedule.

    Plus the wife is on board which is really the most important…[Read more]

  • Expanding upon the story that I begun a few months back.

    As we close in on one year of creating stories and expanding who I am. I wanted to circle back on The Nameless Podcast and discuss how I got to this place currently.

    It all begun around March 2018 when I was on LinkedIn and it has brought me to where I am now, posting everyday, creating…[Read more]

  • How often do you kick the can down the road?

    I observe many people around me kicking that can. Oh I will get to that at the beginning of the year.

    Not right now it doesn’t feel right at this time.

    I used to subscribe to this same idea. All the time it would not be the right time to push out from the box I was living in.

    There was a fear t…[Read more]

  • What do I know?
    I used to think I needed to know everything.

    And if I didn’t know it, fake it and make them believe that I did.

    Never allow them to know you really had no clue. Say yes when you should ask questions or say no.

    If you do not say yes they will never want you. Why keep around someone that is going to ask questions or tell them n…[Read more]

    • I empathize with you @mattlopezkronicz. I know the feeling. I have experienced low self-esteem and low self-worth practically all of my life as I have lived in a codependent domestic household. The past few years, I have told myself that I am the Michelangelo of my Own Life and that the David I am sculpting is me. I daily work on myself and…[Read more]

  • The Nameless Podcast

    Want to check out the podcast? It would mean the world to me, here is where you can find it.

  • The Nameless Podcast January 16th 2019

    Today I woke up to a massive feeling of sadness. Such a strange feeling as I have not experienced this in a long time.

    But at the same time it is a feeling like an old friend. I know how this feels as it was a constant passenger in my life.

    I broke this into two parts. The first was me just showing my…[Read more]

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