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  • Matthias Jost posted an update 1 month, 4 weeks ago ·

    Thank you for letting me join SPN.

    Some people do not like such networks or initiatives. Like the LinkedFriday that is common in my network. They say it gets the initiatior the most value.

    I say: Where you ever at an Open Air or Concert and met someone interesting? Then you get the idea. BOOM!

    I say quality over quantity: But how to find that one person that brings you value without connecting or contributing to a wider audience? NO WAY!

    My name is Matthias Jost and I do social media marketing with a focus on LinkedIn.

    Do you already use LinkedIn in a modern way or did you just upload your CV?

    The modern way to use LinkedIn, is to see your profile as a shop window.

    Talk less about you, more real talk about the challenges of your target group. You can do this with good content and the right keywords in your profile.

    Did you know that you get more visitors and more requests with a professional photo?

    Let me know in the comments or send me a connection request. Tell me a typical sentence you often say and I guess your job without looking at your profile!

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