• Mary Szenasi mentioned Mike O'Connor in a public message 6 months, 2 weeks ago ·

    Good morning and HAPPY Friday, everyone! Only three more sleeps until Monday, so let’s make them great!

    I am brand spanking new here, on SPN, and thought I’d start the weekend extending my daily gratitude here, to this community!

    @spnlocal Thank you for such joining of minds! And everyone else who has taken me on as a friend, I’m learning to navigate slowly, but I’ll be up and at ’em soon!

    Until then, let me just say…

    We are all grander than the sum total of what we contribute to our immediate environments, we are all more than mere skin and bones and nerves. We are stardust…
    Every thought turned action causes a ripple effect, let’s make them count!
    Let’s make them count every. damn. day.