• markweathers posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Vlog versus blog?

    A vlog or blog can be used to get your business more visibility.

    A blog is written content usually in the news/updates section of your website

    A vlog’s medium is video. They are the same thing but vlogs tend to be about daily activity whereas blogs tend to be favoured for a write up of areas of expertise and interest.

    You have to work out which medium, blog, vlog or both would make the biggest impact on your brands marketing goals or where your audience prefers to consume stuff.

    Vlogging and blogging are both relevant but if you want to increase, know, like trust and emotion with your brand quickly then you won’t do that with just blogging.

    Are you adding a vlog/regular videos or blogging to your marketing channels this year?

    Got any questions? DM to let me know.