• markweathers posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    People ask me: How much does it cost to create a brand video? 🤔

    Answers can vary widely but you need to think about a few things:

    You have to factor in the price of library stock assets such video footage/audio clips/music tracks. Library clips can be per clip or all you can eat ‘buffet’.

    Then you have to consider the price of the voiceover and no we are not going to get a random person recording into their webcam mic to do the job. Someone with commercial experience is whats needed.

    There is also the cost of any shooting, on location costs, shooting of talent or the product which is a big line item by itself.

    Then there is the cost of the time, the time put into the project calculated by hour, by day or by project as a whole.

    Yes, you can go cheap but go cheaper and you risk your brand credibility with your audience at their sub-conscious level and…

    …you don’t want that.

    Hope this helps, DM me any questions you might have.