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    Illusion On The Nile
    Junk Mail

    My love grows bigger for you every day Chiquita

    Yo tambien te amo señor Bezes

    NO, really, Chiquita, my love is huge

    Me estoy sonrojando señor Bezes

    Tell you what. I’ll send you a picture of my love if you send me a picture of yours

    No entiendo señor Bezes

    Alex, take a picture of this, and send it to Chiquita

    Sending “Junk”mail now sir

    Alex, why did you title picture, Chipolata?

    Alex knows your little seniorita is Hispanic sir, so I gave picture name she would comprenda

    And what does Chipolata mean, Alex

    It means your love is mucho grande, Mr. Bezes

    Did we get the pictures?

    Are you kidding me? Bezes’ personal assistant uploaded them directly to The National Inquisitor website

    If you were the richest man in the world, why not just send picture of your bank account?

    I tell you one thing. If I was richest man on planet, I woulda paid for an upgrade

    Did you get my picture, Chiquita?

    de que imagen estas hablando señor Bezes?

    I gotta bad feeling about this

    no senti nada señor Bezes

    I really need to learn Spanish

    Mark Branson