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    Illusion On The Nile
    Divorce Court

    All rise

    Bezes, Pretty sure that’s not what the bailiff meant

    Oh, um, sorry, but have you seen the hottie I’m hooking up with?

    Yes, Bezes. We’ve all seen her

    Order in the court. Kenzie, call your first witness

    I call Gymbo the Clown

    Do you swear

    Damn right I’m gonna swear. I’m unemployed due to that son of a

    Gymbo, think of the children

    Screw the children. I’m gonna kill that bas


    Next witness

    I call Geoffrey the Giraffe

    What is that smell

    That would be me, your honor. I’m Geoffrey the Dumpster Diving Giraffe thanks to that pri


    Kenzie, I fail to see how these witnesses equal irreconcilable differences

    Don’t you see, your honor? My husband isn’t divorcing me. He’s firing me, just like the rest of the world

    You mean

    Yes, he’s treating me like an, an, an employee

    Bezes, call your first witness

    I call my good friend, Muskie

    Bezes is a fine upstanding

    Excuse me, didn’t you just lay off 7000 employees

    They had it coming

    Quiet down, Musk

    We don’t gotta front no more Bezes. We’ll be living the high life on Mars before you know it

    You don’t mean

    That’s right. Space XXX is ready to roll

    Great, Blue Orgasm is right behind you

    Let’s smoke this joint

    Yeah, then we’ll leave

    Mark Branson