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  • Illusion On The Nile
    Divorce Court

    All rise

    Bezes, Pretty sure that’s not what the bailiff meant

    Oh, um, sorry, but have you seen the hottie I’m hooking up with?

    Yes, Be…

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    • @markbranson Hi Mark, I added your book(s) to my website, I hope you don’t mind – Troy

    • Illusion On The Nile
      Junk Mail

      My love grows bigger for you every day Chiquita

      Yo tambien te amo señor Bezes

      NO, really, Chiquita, my love is huge

      Me estoy sonrojando s…

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      • Illusion On The Nile
        Alex The Betrayer

        Jay the Carney, Haven’t seen or heard from you since Honduras

        Well, Cavendish, been busy

        You’ve been busy? I’m doin all the work. Job at National Food, infiltrated Nile Warehouse, snuck into Bezes’ castle, even picked up a sidekick, and a senorita along the way. What the hell you been doin?

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      • Mark R Branson posted an update 1 year ago

        Says Who?

        The Illusion doesn’t care when you are early

        But the one time you are late?

        Oh, The Illusion cares

        The Illusion doesn’t care when your store looks perfect

        But let an executive walk in when you are unprepared

        You bet The Illusion cares

        The Illusion doesn’t care your store’s sales have been off the chain

        Bit have a bad month

        The…[Read more]

      • Never Satisfied

        Retail is Transactional #Leaderership, a model that rewards and punishes performance

        The Illusion of Competence exists because we do not determine good and poor performance

        Instead, executives and their perception set the bar for good performance, and once attained, the bar gets moved to a higher plateau

        In other words…[Read more]

      • On You

        If you do something wrong for 10 years, doing it for 10 years does not change fact it is wrong

        Statements prevalent in hashtag#Leadership circles

        What can I do for you?
        How can I help you?
        Can you say “Cop-out”?

        Think your Millennial workforce cares about the shoes, clothes, glasses, electronics they sell enough to tell you how to do…[Read more]

      • No Is Easy

        Thousands of stores closed around you this year. If on future list, your company will not help you. They plan on you failing.

        Doing what they said got you into this mess in the first place. Continuing to do so is the definition of insanity.

        Stop quoting policy & giving your customers Food Poisoning. Start helping the human in front…[Read more]

      • Same Old Song And Dance

        Gap closing hundreds of stores

        IKEA cutting 7500 jobs

        Someone on LinkedIn saying her Zale’s store closing at Christmas

        And this is just the beginning. More store managers will be reaching out in coming weeks, looking for work for their teams as they are handed their pink slips

        Know what these managers did wrong?…[Read more]

      • Every Moment

        Do you mind if I ask what happened to your vision?

        I was eight, swinging a plastic sword around on my bed. I hit the light bulb above the bed, a hot piece of glass went right in my eye. Been blind in that eye ever since.

        Sorry I keep saying “what”, I lost my hearing in both ears because of an accident.

        It’s okay mam. My wife would…[Read more]

      • @spnlocal2017
        Hi Mike, Appreciate what you do. my biggest challenge is juggling different social media. i write on LinkedIn and share on The Illusion Channel on Facebook, but am not active on twitter and Instagram. The thought of adding more social media and juggling it all is daunting. I joined SPN hoping to learn how to juggle. Any suggestions…[Read more]

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