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  • Guys, treat this activity feed like a marketing pod and use the golden rule/common sense to dictate your posting.

    If you share your Instagram pictures (url), YouTube videos, Tweets, Blogs, LinkedIn stuff than more SPN members including I will see it, engage on it, and help you win-win. The more we help each other the more we all grow and the…[Read more]

  • @russjohns is the SPN member of the day! Make sure you connect with him on every platform you use to make a solid win-win.

    We are going to start really pushing the SPN member of the day and sharing content like crazy now that we have a lot of the bugs worked out. The more active you are in the feed the more we will tag and share your…[Read more]

  • ✨Amazing Recognition of one of our Members Suprabhat Dasby✨ on LinkedIn. 🔹”In it to support women in technology”🔹 Congratulations for a job well done. Let’s go show him our SPN Support through your likes and Comments.😁👍

    @mikeoconnor @kellanbarfield @lorimiller @tedladzinski @jnierenb @troy @samhurley @kennedy657 @katja-gersak @henrylandau @maryh…[Read more]

    • Wow. Thank you very much for sharing it with SPN Family Members. It is really a pleasure and honor for me, @craigwasilchak .
      Hope to bring a change in the society by taking small steps and support from all our members.
      Let’s make SPN large and spread it wide! :)

    • SPN is definitely off to a great start!! With Mike O’Connor being listed and one of the most influential people on LinkedIn and now Suprabhat Das winning this award, we are gaining traction. I forecast a bright future ahead for the Service Professionals Network!!! And Congratulation Suprabhat!

    • @suprabhatdas, congrats on the accomplishment! Keep up the good work!

    • Well, I for one am very impressed. I also think we should learn more about your charity and an article on it. I’ll make sure to visit the LinkedIn post a couple times too! Keep up the good work!

      • Thank you very much, Mike. It is really a pleasure and honor for me. I will surely create an article about my voluntary services and keep you updated on the same.

        I am really enjoying my stay in SPN and the family members are really awesome here, specializing in their respective domain. 🙏


    • @suprabhatdas is just great. Among all the activities he is involved with, he is the Group Manager of my ‘Electronic, Electrical and Electromechanical Repair and Maintenance’ Group in LinkedIn ( I’m sure you will enjoy the technical articles he shares in the Group, even if you are not related to the R&M.

    • Excellent! Well deserved!

  • Mike O'Connor mentioned 12 people 10 months ago

    I made the decision to go with smaller images, thumbnails and still videos (depending on format and where you upload).

    I did this, because it helps this site function really quickly, which helps with rankings. It will help everyone get more value out of the backlinks and sharing within the search engines.

    So smaller images mean the site ranks…[Read more]

    • Mike, thank you for the mention and this site is really taking shape. I have been a bit detached here, LI, and FB as I have been trying to meet deliverables. That said, I still have tried to stay abreast of your activities. Thank you for being such a mensch. -Bob-

      • You’re here. I understand busy and appreciate you just signing up and filling out the profile more than you know. The rankings are really rebounding already. Everyone on here that is featured is going to be alright! :) Thanks for all the feedback and help, everyone!

    • Thanks for the mention, Mike!

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