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    Invest in yourself first, your relationships second, and your retirement third.

    If you don’t invest in yourself, you won’t be able to enjoy community with others or your retirement.

    If you don’t invest in your relationships, you won’t have anyone to share your retirement with.

    If you don’t invest in your retirement, you’ll lose out on the disciplines of responsibility, accountability, and proactivity.

    And maybe along the way, you’ll realize that the journey to retirement is what you invested in most, which also gave you the most return ☺️

    Don’t hold off on enjoying your life until retirement. Swap out your “save for retirement” mentality with a focus on how many unique experiences and opportunities you can save up before hitting retirement age.

    And when you do hit that age … don’t retire from life. Make every interaction, and every moment, that much more special by leveraging your personal growth, your relationships, and your vast experience.

    Have an awesome Monday, everyone! Don’t forget to LIVE it and LOVE it.

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