• Kyle wrote on Mike O'Connor's Wall 5 months ago

    I’m poking back! Lol

    • Yep, it’s just as creepy as people said it was. I feel violated. Had to add poking just for the creep factor.

      • Haha!

        • One of my facebook friend made a post bitching about the poke feature being creepy. I made a comment that is why I added it to the site. They laughed, but didn’t rush to sign up. It’s going to be fun, when people really realize what we are building here. It’s going to get epic.

          Just going to take the same strategies that make me and my friends successful on LinkedIn and apply it here times 10. Watch…all the people that got on early and reside in the featured section are going to get huge on LinkedIn too.

          I decided I didn’t like the clique shit I see on LinkedIn, so I stepped back and decided to change the script.

          They should have dropped the rope. 😉

    • I tried to add an image to the post I just made but doesn’t look like it stuck…any tips?