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    Mike O'Connor There are plenty of days where I don't feel like doing the extra work, but there are no days that I regret doing the extra work to make me successful.
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    Damon Pistulka "Building a business is easy." said no one, ever. Get over it and get to work! #dpistulka www.exityourway.us
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    Paula Goodman Happy Friday All You Beautiful People‼️ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paulagoodman1_paulag-opism-paulapoems-activity-6639136328749584385-1SCG
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    Kurtis Tompkins Every listening ear should not be fed with your plans to succeed. Why? Some are like the bull shark; when opportunity presents itself they eat other sharks. Think about it!💡🤔 💭 https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ktompkinscfrw_motivation-jobsearch-jobseeking-activity-6639124670841008131-q89m
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    Jacob Warren This is a bit of a big deal for me! I've promoted Malwarebytes as one of the top device security solutions for businesses for many years. I'm happy to announce that we are now a full fledged reseller!!! This is one a few big security partnership announcements that I'm super stoked to be able to start sharing!
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    Nick Dorsey Please stop by on Friday and check us out!! 6am PST, 9am EST https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nick-dorsey-62089759_piratebroadcast-activity-6617396533845458944-rKnr
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    Charmaine Dillon Sure you may feel powerful behind your profile but does your personality have potential? 🤔 Social media tends to give some people an incentive to embellish who they are. This facade of grandeur that if I ‘fake it til I make it’ I can become overnight what others have worked years to achieve. I can become a CEO just by saying that I am one on #LinkedIn?!? 😵 There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be something and having a dream to become anything you want to be, however, being shady about it online makes you less than reputable. Be proud of who you really are and start right where you are! Lying about who you are only sets you back; instead, look for ways to raise yourself up! Be brave enough to be the real, true you! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ktompkinscfrw_motivation-jobseeking-careers-activity-6623913657027870720-r2Js #WhoAreYouReally #Motivation #Reality #socialnetworking #socialmedia #personaldevelopment #happiness #wellness #technology#branding #growth #OnlineImposters #FakeProfiles #TheTitleItselfIsPowerless #IfYouCantEvenDealWithYou
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    Ira Bowman Missed an episode of "Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira" check out my FYI page: https://irabowman.fyi.to/beyond-the-page-printed-with-ira New episodes air each Tuesday Morning on LinkedIn
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    Tina Oliver posted a photo
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    Tammy L Collins HI John! Thanks for connecting!
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    Doyle Buehler Curious to know if you feel companies are “listening” to what you say with your phone, your smart speaker, and then marketing to you? https://www.linkedin.com/posts/doylebuehler_is-it-marketing-or-is-it-listening-activity-6613570018242363394-90ct
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