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    Sandy Hello from New Zealand, looking forward to making new friends and connections here and on Linkedin.
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    Ron Craig Don't get into a BAD relationship with a Scammer today! 👇 As you all scramble to find something to send to your loved one please be mindful of these common Valentines Scams: 💔 email's and texts from fake florists - use a reputable dealer in your town and call them or visit their site directly 💔 email's and texts with digital cards. Don't click the links in these as they may not be from your beloved! 💔 fake delivery scams... saying you owe $x.xx for it to be delivered. Pay the fee and it will be sent right away 💔 lonely and seeking love... this goes both ways.. you can be the lonely one and getting preyed upon today If you are single and the day weighs on your heart and you want to find that someone special... be VERY careful especially today about knights in shining Scamour. Have a Happy Valentines day and as always... BE SAFE OUT THERE! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ronwcraig_cybersecurity-securityawareness-scams-activity-6634086806012985344-Wf7_
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    Ira Bowman Just added this new job on #ProjectHelpYouGrow. Looking for work? Find free help on my website. https://projecthelpyougrow.com/job/content-services-sales-coordinator/
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    Damon Pistulka An old friend reminded me of this interview with Gino Arcaro from 2017 last weekend. He said, "You are still saying the same things about growing and selling businesses." I guess if nothing else I am consistent! http://blunttalk.libsyn.com/dominate-the-field-damon-pistulka
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    Todd Thomas My speaking montage Know anyone who schedules speakers? Connect us! Or give them http://ToddTalk.net Thanks!
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    Marcin Rzymek I had recently a pleasure talking with a friend of mine about networking. Check this video with some LinkedIn tips guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xj26UmbhsY&t=3s
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    Mike O'Connor @jesstiffany, thanks for joining #SPN and sharing this with us.
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    Jacci Lynch Just so you know!
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    Kurtis Tompkins When you truly put your heart into what you do, it shows. I encourage you to give “it” your best shot! Regardless of the turnout, you won’t regret the fruit your efforts will bear. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ktompkinscfrw_motivation-jobsearch-jobseeking-activity-6636962100067524608-nygP
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    Paula Goodman Happy Saturday Beautiful People!‼️ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paulagoodman1_paulag-opism-motivation-activity-6636961556699709440-qqKy
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    Timothy Hughes Are you a Fashion Swisher - Yes, its a Real Trend? (via Passle) http://digital-leadership-associates.passle.net/post/102fxk0/are-you-a-fashion-swisher-yes-its-a-real-trend ==> new blog by Stephen Sumner of DLA ignite
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    Erika Warfield Great job on the interviews, Jacob!
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    Ben Reynolds Today is gonna be GREAT! Woohoo! We are here to help you on your 2020 product needs. Tell us what you want, sample appreciated. We tell you the cost and timing. With three locations in China - Ningbo ( Hunting/Fishing , Suzhou ( Handheld massager/after-market auto} Shenzhen, ( Heated apparel ) and Houston, Texas - our home office. We give you the winning edge at The Sourcing Department - https://www.thesourcingdepartment.com/about-us
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