• Katja Geršak Hernandez wrote on Misti Mazurik's Wall 2 weeks, 5 days ago ·

    @mmazurik Hey girl,

    How are you doing? I hope everything is great. 🙂

    I’ve been missing you around…

    Happy Tuesday!☀️

    • Things have been busy Katja!! But that’s a good thing! Hope you are well!! Always great to hear from you!!
        • Yes, always better to be busy than to be bored!!😉 I’m also facing a period that is challenging my time management skills.. haha

          Happy to hear that you are doing fine. Always great to hear from you as well.😀

          Hope you have a great day!☀️

            • Whenever I take on something new it takes me a bit to be able to fit it in comfortably. So I make lists. I love it when I can move from those lists!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!