• Kurtis Tompkins posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago ·

    Happy Monday and welcome to July!

    Half of the year is gone and as usual we will continue our daily routine. However, there is something to consider. Many spend their lives miserable from “9-5”, living for the time work is over and the weekend. I hate my job, but I need the money is what you hear.

    Money is needed because bills exist and other important things do too, but is it absolutely necessary for you to suffer misery while getting paid? NO! Time spent at work is the majority of the day for most!

    What can you do then? It’s up to you. Don’t want to be a business owner? Fine. Just take a step today to change your miserable state. Take classes, apply for something new, just make some change! Keep at it so one day soon you will leave this pattern behind.

    Miserable days lead to stressful days. Stressful days lead to hospital visits, which can lead to health issues. You know the rest.