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    Youth Leadership of the Iron Range………

    Youth Leadership of the Iron Range is here to bring our public and private schools, colleges and businesses together to teach our youth about entrepreneurship, finances, business leadership and career exploration.
    We are here to strengthen our communities, build up leaders and help keep our local economy growing.
    This program is an opportunity for students to learn about entrepreneurship and help them see how local businesses provide value in their community.  It also exposes students to entrepreneurship as a viable career option.
    The lessons will be taught to youth in grades 3-12 in our local public and private schools. All programs will be offered Free of Charge to all schools.
     As you may or may not be aware, 70% of local businesses are run by the boomer generation and by providing a connection to our youth and showing them the value that local businesses provide we may be able to prevent the “brain drain” that many of our communities are experiencing. 

    The areas include: entrepreneurship mindset, the business model canvas, financial record keeping, presentation skills, marketing, branding, sales and career exploration.

    Have a second meeting tomorrow with a potential big partner which will provide office space and classroom space.

    Have 1 school interested in signing up for the program and information out to 2 other schools. Have 3 more schools to send information out to to get the program started then will expand to new schools after that.

    Things are looking good for the launch of this new non-profit education based organization.

    If you are interested in learning more about how you could
    help with this organization and program message me here, email me at [email protected] or call or text 507-350-8944