• Jeff McNickle posted an update 6 months ago ·

    eader vs boss vs learning tools.
    If there’s one thing I’ve learned the past few days that can hopefully help me become a better leader in the next adventure it’s this…..

    *Being a leader means guiding your team and walking side by side with them.
    *Falling first, getting back up then helping them do they don’t fall like you did.
    *remembering that belittling, bullying, borderline verbally abusing your staff only gets them down and can make themwant to quite and loose clients.
    *being proactive to lead and learn with our team at the same time.
    *encourage and show true genuine appreciation to the staff for the great work they are doing.
    *be proactive to mentor and help our team members grow in their position.
    *be thankful for what we have and how we can grow in our mission and business needs.
    *listen seriously to staff and clients on their ideas so grow the business or fix a problem area and take actions on those ideas and let them help in the process and give them credit for the ideas and work on it.

    Know this might be a lot to ask for but it’s worth a shot to dream, hope it will be this way someday.