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  • Youth Leadership of the Iron Range………

    Youth Leadership of the Iron Range is here to bring our public and private schools, colleges and businesses together to teach our youth about entrepreneurship, finances, business leadership and career exploration.
    We are here to strengthen our communities, build up leaders and help keep our local…[Read more]

  • @jeffmcnickle Could you try placing the pdf in the cloud, dropbox or onedrive/googledrive… and then post the link to access that document.

  • Aspiring Entrepreneur working to start my own 501c3 non-profit educational based program in Northern MN.

  • eader vs boss vs learning tools.
    If there’s one thing I’ve learned the past few days that can hopefully help me become a better leader in the next adventure it’s this…..

    *Being a leader means guiding your team and walking side by side with them.
    *Falling first, getting back up then helping them do they don’t fall like you did.…[Read more]

  • Goals for the next few days or coming weeks
    1. Continue to write the business plan draft paper
    2. start to write the mission and goals for the organization
    3. Start to write the board of directors roles
    4. Start to write the Volunteer handbook and orientation book
    5. Continue to look for capital funding options
    6. Look for a fiscal agent to help…[Read more]

  • What’s the best program out there to use to start a Webpage and register a domain name for it?

    Looking for some advice and a working Business plan for a 501c3 I am looking to start here. Anyone able to help with this? Working to finish this and a base budget plan to be able to get it out to investors and capital campaign places to raise the…

    [Read more]

    • Mike O'Connor
      Godaddy is pretty cheap and their page builder is OK. It’s not something I would use today, but it’s how I got going. You can also register a domain and then buy a good WordPress theme for about $120.00 too if you only want to do it once and want to learn how to do things more on your own. @urtfc & @aaronking may be able to give you pointers on…

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      • Jeff McNickle
        Thanks for the information. Trying to start a non-profit Youth Leadership program where we will partner with a company called Eseedlings and teach their entrepreneurship classes for free in the area schools then offer I day experiential learning lab offsite for the classes to come to and do more in-depth hands on learning in finances, business…

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  • Next Steps in the Process or items I have to locate here!!
    1. Business Plan Outline template
    2. Business Mission and Goals Statement template
    3. Business Budget template
    4. Articles of incorporation template
    5. Tax ID and 501c3 paperwork
    6. Board of Director Roles Template
    7. Funding Source idea’s
    8. Request for Funding letter templates

    Not to…[Read more]

  • @jeffmcnickle Thanks for joining #SPN, @jeffmcnickle! I look forward to growing with you!


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