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    Hi all, I need your help so that I can help others. I want to improve my knowledge but also want to provide links to other peoples work in my blog posts and social media to help promote them.

    I am looking for connections, such as bloggers and advocates in the following areas:


    Can you send me recommendations or if this is you, shout out to me?

    Can you help me spread this message you great #SPN people? (ps post readers if you want to grow your networks, make sure you connect with these people if you aren’t already) @spnlocal2017 @tedladzinski @mandyjahlas @laurakiley @gwdistillery @irabowman @creditability @suprabhatdas @craigwasilchak @maryhenderson @trybean @provenioconsulting @craig @b2the7 @billvogel3 @bettykempa @samhurley @jbmelton @aimviva

    • Craig Wasilchak

      🎯Please place a link to your blog here so we can take a look. It may help us come up with ideas 😁👍

      • James Marvin

        Thanks Craig this is the blog https://www.intelligenthanddryers.com/blog

        To give you a bit of background, we heavily promote hand dryers because they are proven time and again to be better for the environment and save people a huge amount of money to run a year than other methods of drying.

        We promote “hand drying” as this is a key part of hand hygiene, what ever the method used, but we also have a passion for sustainability and the environment, so hand dryers are our number 1 choice.

        We have a sustainable and eco friendly policy here at work but we know we could be doing more in our own lives and work practices to be more environmentally friendly. So we want to produce more content in the way of this and promote eco and sustainable practices through others work. We obviously want to give credit to the contributors providing links to their work and recommendations.

        We also want help from others to help spread awareness of the paper towel industries scaremongering tactics in trying to hood wink the general public into thinking hand dryers are bad for public health. People who are concerned with the environment really need to know what lengths the paper towel industry are going to, to try and keep people purchasing their products at the expense of negative impacts on the environment.

        The studies that have been produced, funded by the paper towel industry are very selective in their methods and poorly interpreted as they try to scaremonger in the media.

        It really is “fake news” at it’s best. We believe everybody should make a choice of their preferred method of hand drying based on facts, not scaremongering. The paper towel industry know that people are well aware of the negative environmental impact paper towels have and so are fabricating this “science” and then spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on smear campaigns. The reason being? Can you imagine how much the billion pound paper towel companies would lose each year if people didn’t use paper towels and then have to restock them?

        Hand dryers have a very low carbon footprint and once purchased have a very small annual running cost.

        I have read all the scientific papers that have been produced and the media stories that follow are no where near accurate when the scientific methods are actually sort and interpreted in the “real world”

        I heard on the grapevine (so need to look into this further to see if it is actually true) yesterday that the researcher leading these studies is requested not to publish any results without the consent of the European Tissue Symposium, to ensure that the symposium has control over how the results are presented to the general public!

        We have written a few articles which may be of interest to get an angle of this irresponsible scaremongering which needs to stop. I will post them in separate posts as I don’t think it will let me link them all at once.

        If you prefer paper towels then we have no issue with this at all. We even sell paper towel dispensers because we know there is a need in certain locations. This is more a campaign to promote the most environmentally friendly way of drying the hands, on a level playing field, rather than have people influenced by the “dirty” tactics of the paper towel industry.

        I hope I haven’t rattled on too much here. I hope you can see I am very passionate about letting people know what the paper towel industry is doing so that they can make their own informed decisions based on preference, not lies.