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    Mike O'Connor Do not do these things if you don't want smart people to think that you're stupid: 1. Toss out random eye-popping facts that aren't really facts. 2. Give yourself a title that no one else that knows you would ever in a million years give you. 3. Whine. 4. Name drop famous people that don't know you. 5. Associate with known felons or bad people. 6. Humblebrag about nonsensical things. 7. Flip and flop on your opinions depending on who is listening. 8. Display a lazy mindset and work ethic. 9. Break your word. 10. Copy others on everything you do. Do these things if you want smart people to respect you: 1. Follow the Golden Rule. 2. Speak the truth or be quiet. 3. Hold yourself as accountable as you hold others. 4. Don't be hypocritical. 5. Don't give people unnecessary drama. 6. Set your boundaries and defend them. 7. Display humility and confidence equally. 8. Know your calling. 9. Follow the Golden Rule. 10. Give grace and inspire others to do the same. #ethics #worksmart #business #basics #commonsense
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    Doyle Buehler Hope is not a strategy - neither is that cat video...
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    mpmboevink What's new we are working hard launching watch the space we are focused on scaling companies in the Fintech tech and telecom as good fun is the core message.
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    nick Which wolf are you feeding?
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    Tina Oliver A high credit score gives you powerful advantages in life, a mediocre score creates limitations in your life or a poor #creditscore basically gives you very few options in life...
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    Ron Barksdale Hello lovely people! I have been "unplugged" for a couple of weeks, but I'm back now. I hope each of you had a blessed and joyous holiday season, and I'm looking forward to a tremendous 2019! Happy New Year! I am always glad to help if anyone needs a hand with anything - reach out anytime! Ron
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    Erik Never apologize for being honest..
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    Hiram Figueroa Quote from Calvin Coolidge, our 30thPresident. MCRD San Diego Ca 1983
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    John O'Connor Pretty much! #GoldenRule
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    realestate Dance as often as possible.
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    ideas Always ready to help you. In case you need, I can offer you a 7 Days Free, No Upfront, Google Adwords Campaign Management Trial Offer. It will help you to get you more leads, potential clients from your desired city/nearby areas.
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    Troy Brewer Discover....Vibe Rides via Drew Concepts Get It On The Apps Store! Google Play - Apple Store
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    erinkurasz I have a feeling you think this every day in the morning, @spnlocal2017!
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    Trimaine Clark Someone give him a cookie...
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    Mark R Branson Illusion On The Nile Alex The Betrayer Jay the Carney, Haven’t seen or heard from you since Honduras Well, Cavendish, been busy You’ve been busy? I’m doin all the work. Job at National Food, infiltrated Nile Warehouse, snuck into Bezes’ castle, even picked up a sidekick, and a senorita along the way. What the hell you been doin? Here, read these Cant’ wait to do the sneaky freaky deaky with you, girl I can tell by the smell, this is love Ride on my rocket, the one in my pocket What is this harlequin crap? Those, my friend, are Nile's illustrious leader's love confessions flowing all over his secret mistress But Bezes' been married for 25 years Not after The National Inquisitor breaks the story this weekend And how did you Let's just say there was an Echo in the room You hacked his personal assistant? That's the beauty of it. Alex did it all on her own I knew that electronic tramp couldn't be trusted Yep, turns out jealousy isn't just a human frailty. And get this, Bezes asked Alex to hire a PI to find the leak Amazing There's more. Alex planned to terminate the other woman, but she disappeared. That's why she went to the paper What's this mistress’ name? I think it's Juanita, Chiquita, something like that Uh Oh Mark Branson MBA MSL #leadership #Retail
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    seth Hi All. Anyone looking for a Software Developer, language / BI doesn't matter as. I typically do best when thrown into the mix. Still a bit down about getting scammed, but cant weep forever.
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