• Ira Bowman posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago ·

    “Ira how can I help you?”

    I get asked this a lot, given my work with #ProjectHelpYouGrow

    Usually I am at a loss for words as the help I offer is not conditional.

    There are a few things that I can use some help with though.

    A) I’m looking for some solid references for work directly related to helping people with their job search needs. If I’ve helped you land a new employee, or helped you personally with your job search, and you’re open to writing me a reference, that would be appreciated.

    B) I could use some more Google / Yelp reviews for my website. If you have nice things to say about ProjectHelpYouGrow .com please do so on Google as it’ll help my #SEO results. If you have something bad to say or a suggestion, please tell me in an email or DM so I can correct it, if possible.

    C) If you know anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area that needs graphics printed and installed, I’m looking for new clients to help. From vehicle and building wraps to marketing and event materials, there’s not much we can’t do or get done. Referrals are always welcome!

    I appreciate your help!

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