• ideas wrote on Jamie Schubert's Wall 9 months ago

    @schubertjc Hi Jamie

    Thanks for contacting me.

    It’s an honour for me that I am talking with a Vice President of Marketing & Communications. Wow.

    I am looking to offer my PPC services to other countries. For that, I am ready to be associated with few professionals (maybe like you). I can set-up, configure, manage & optimize Google Adwords PPC Campaigns for your clients. The best part is that you don’t need to pay me any salary. Without upfront, I am open serving your clients. Let client pay you. After that, we can share revenue thus generated. That means, without any investment of yours, I am ready to help you grow your business & can help you start earning regular revenue every week from each client.

    Any question? Please feel free to ask.

    (Just to share a bit of friendly advice. I visited contact link at stemgenex.com but it was showing 404 error. I thought that I should bring it to your knowledge so as you may get it corrected with your web-designing company.)



    Jan 14, 2019