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    Winter weather and the harsh driving conditions that come with it can be hard on tail gates. As usual, down time and costly road repairs can be minimized with some basic proper maintenance. Here is a list of preventive measures that should be part of every fleet’s tail gate maintenance program. These helpful tips will keep your trucks on the road, in spite of the rigors of winter and will make the basis of your preventive maintenance program.


    Before you test the operation, check the tailgate assembly for any damage. This is common for tailgates
    Test your tailgate operation multiple times, to try to mitigate any chance of an intermittent problem from showing up later. It’s good practice to have the batteries on charge while doing this.
    Check for any cracks in the tailgate assembly.
    Check any cables and chains for signs of wear or stretching.
    Check the bushings and pivot pins for signs of wear or seizing.
    Inspect your cart stops for any potential problems.
    A Few Last Items:

    Make sure all your pins, cables, chains and pivot points are all lubricated, by oil or grease.
    Ensure that your grease fittings are all taking grease. If they’re not, nothing good will come of this. Being lazy, will only cost you in the long run.
    When spec’ing a new trailer, it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra couple of hoses and a spare valve solenoid included with the unit in case of a breakdown. It’s not easy getting a tailgate repaired on the road. Besides, being prepared never hurt any one.
    This brings me to my last tip. Be sure to record the Make, Model and Serial Number of your tailgate in the equipment file and make sure the file is assessable. When the unit breaks down 5 years from now, in a snow storm, in Hearst Ontario, going uphill in both directions with a hot load that had to deliver yesterday, today and the id tag is missing, you’ll thank me.
    Remember that safety extends beyond your own fleet, to the people you share the road with. IMG_20140905_120915-1

    Winter weather and the harsh driving conditions that come with it can be hard on tail gates. As usua