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    Change is inevitable and important. Sometimes we welcome changes in life, sometimes change comes from outside factors and sometimes change is unwelcome. While it can be difficult, change happens, it’s one of those facts of life.

    Consider driven by growth-at-any-cost capitalism, which doesn’t meet the needs of most people. Now don’t get me wrong, and carefully read that statement. I’m a big fan of capitalism. But the North American middle class has been decimated by growth at any cost.

    Over my lifetime, I’ve witnessed the destruction of good paying jobs relocated to third world countries, and replaced by big box, super center, cookie cutter, shopping plaza, part time job opportunities. More recently the upswing of outsourcing jobs to independent contractors that, are under paid, after their expenses are taken into account, by super large tech upstarts that would have been long ago bankrupt if it weren’t for the fact that they seem to have limitless amounts of investor money to burn through.

    I experience it myself once upon a time. Our operation was successful, our revenue was strong, but our division was deemed excess, after a corporate take over. We didn’t fit into their core business. So we were terminated. It wasn’t sold, put up for employee purchase, we were just eliminated. The thousand or so jobs didn’t matter, not to corporate America anyways.

    Glen Ridge Fleet is an advocate for purpose-driven business and believes capitalism needs to serve the interests of all people and communities, not just the interests of shareholders. The need to maximize profit should not be the driving force and sole purpose of business. Glen Ridge Fleet is a community of independent businesses, and we believe that business should benefit society and the environment, all while creating a better future and delivering on the bottom line.

    Don’t believe me, look no further than the failing of retail. Sears didn’t only fail because of amazon, as must seem to always trumpet. Retail has had a decision to make, you either concentrate on the upper class, our the lower class income brackets, because the middle class is shrinking. That’s one reason why Walmart crushed Sears,among others, and that’s why Dollar Tree is growing and profits are up. Because they make your dollar go farther. Food bank usage is up, people cannot make ends meet. Part time jobs we’re never meant to be for full-time employment.

    Corporate America needs to wake up, because if people don’t have money to buy necessities in life, they won’t have money to purchase your products.

    Governments need to better equip and educate people for upcoming careers. Society is and has changed.

    Glen Ridge Fleet is committed to our communities, and working with locally owned independent vendors that, together, will enrich lives of their employees and communities.

    It’s time for change, are you ready to drive it?
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    Change is inevitable and important. Sometimes we welcome changes in life, sometimes change comes fro